Houston Campus

Houston Facility
Tulane in Houston offers weekend MBA and Master of Finance taught by faculty from Tulane’s Freeman School of Business. The Houston facility is a comprehensive suite of classrooms, study rooms, dining rooms, conference rooms, and administrative offices. Enrolled students are given 24/7 access.




All classrooms are designed to promote learning and class interaction. The facility offers wireless access and each classroom seat is outfitted with a data port and power for laptops and other devices. State-of-the-art applications, presentation, and multimedia technology facilitate learning and emulate real-world practice.
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Dining room
To help students make the best use of their time during busy weekend class schedules, meals and refreshments are provided in the on-site dining rooms. Students effectively have more time on class days to meet with their teams and instructors, or to review class notes. Group meals also help promote camaraderie among students.
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Study Rooms
Small group study rooms are available to students 24/7. Students are afforded efficient space to hold team meetings, collaborate on projects, or for independent study. Instructors also use study rooms to incorporate team-based work into their classes.  

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