The Burkenroad Small-Cap Mutual Fund

BURKENROAD REPORTS began in 1993 to give students practical stock analysis skills by focusing on deep-south companies traditionally under-followed by Wall Street. Since their inception, BURKENROAD Reports have gained national attention for their "quality and for avoiding the conflicts inherent when analysts follow a company in which they have financial stake" (Wall Street Journal, October, 1995). Under faculty supervision, students work in small groups to analyze and produce investment research reports on a number of publicly held companies. The program includes company visits and interviews with top management. The reports are widely circulated throughout the nations investment community. Students develop practical insight and marketable evidence of their abilities.

"Our benefactors Peggy and Aaron Selber enjoying
our 2009 BURKENROAD Conference."

(left) W.B. Burkenroad Jr., late 1930's
(right) W.B. Burkenroad Jr., late 1940's

(left) Evelyn Levy Burkenroad, late 1930s
(right) Evelyn Levy Burkenroad, late 1940's

W.B. Burkenroad, Sr.(1872-1958)

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