Levy-Rosenblum Institute Economic Development Programs

The Economic Development Division of the Institute are involved in the following programs:

Tulane Business Plan Competition
Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Funded Research Projects
Rebuild NOLA Project

The Tulane Entrepreneurs Association (TEA) with the assistance of Levy-Rosenblum Institute provide an educational and supportive atmosphere wherein all Tulane students,
faculty, staff, and members of other local and national universities have the opportunity to present venture concepts before a panel of judges.  

2014 Business Model Competiton photos

2013 Business Plan Competition photos

2012 Business Plan Competition photos

2011 Business Plan Competition photos

2010 Business Plan Competition photos

2009 Business Plan Competition photos

2008 Business Plan Competition photos

2007 Business Plan Competition photos

Tulane Business Plan Competition Memoir

Tulane Entrepreneur of the Year
- is a distinguished honor bestowed upon those who have exemplified true entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic generosity.  Honorees include:    

2014: Ms. Adelaide W. (Ti) Martin (click here for photos)
2013: Mr. John Elstrott of the Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship  (click here for photos)
2012: Mr. Jerry Greenbaum of CentraArchy Affiliates  (click here for photos)
2011: Mr. Albert Lepage of Lepage Bakeries  (click here for photos)
2010: Mr(s) Bert, George, and Peter Wilson of Barriere Construction  (click here for photos)
2009: Mr. Rick S. Rees of Longvue Capital (click here for photos)
2008: Mr. James Reiss of Reiss Companies  (click here for photos)
2007: Mr. Berdon Lawrence of Kirby Corporation(click here for photos)
2005: Mr. John E Koerner III of Koerner Capital
2004: Mr. Frank B Stewart Jr. of Stewart Capital
2003: Mr. William A Goldring of Republic Beverages (formerly Magnolia Marketing)
2002: Mr. Albert Fraenkel of Fraenkel Furniture
2001: Mr. Sidney Besthoff of K & B Stores

Social Entrepreneur of the Year- is a distinguished honor bestowed upon those who have created businesses that provides social impact or change.

2014: Mr. and Mrs. Stan and Dana Day of the NewDay Foundation (click here for photos)
2012: Mr. Jay Altman of FirstLine Schools (click here for photos)
2011: Mrs. Phyllis Cassidy of Good Work Network (click here for photos)
2010: Ms. Kathryn Hall-Trujillo of the Birthing Project  (click here for photos)
2009: SENO (Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans)  (click here for photos)
2008: Mr. Alan Houston of the Alan Houston Foundation (click here for photos)
2007: Mr. George Cloutier of American Management Services (click here for photos)
2005: Ms. Charlotte C. Cunliffe of Greater N.O. Data Center
2004: Ms. Laura Maloney of the Louisiana S.P.C.A
2003: Ms. Lauren Anderson of Neighborhood Housing Services of N.O.
2002: Ms. Lina Alfieri Stern of IDA Colloaborative of Louisiana

Funded Research Projects - The contracted research division specializes in formulating and implementing economic development strategies for state and city governments and agencies in both the corporate and civic sector. (To view past  projects, click here.) 

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