Tulane Entrepreneur of the Year

A distinguished honor bestowed upon those who have exemplified true entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic generosity. Past honorees have included, (Click here for 2013 gala photos)

The 2013 Tulane Entrepreneur of the Year

John Elstrott

Mr. John Elstrott of the Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship

2012: Mr. Jerry Greenbaum of CentraArchy Affliates (click here for photos)
2011: Mr. Albert Lepage of Lepage Bakeries (Click here for photos)
2010: Mr. Bertrand A., Mr. George H
. and Mr. Peter A. Wilson of Barriere Construction (Click here for photos)
2009: Mr. Rick S. Rees of Longvue Capital (Click here for photos)
2008: Mr. James Reiss of Reiss Companies (Click here for photos)
2007: Mr. C. Berdon Lawrence of Kirby Corporation (Click here for photos)
2005: Mr. John E. Koerner III of Koerner Capital
2004: Mr. Frank B. Stewart Jr. of Stewart Capital
2003: Mr. William A. Goldring of Republic Beverages
2002: Mr. Albert Fraenkel of Fraenkel Furniture
2001: Mr. Sidney Besthoff of K & B Stores (Currently Rite-Aid)
Last Updated 11/18/13
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