Annual Symposium on Business and Society

Through the Annual Symposium on Business and Society, the Institute's objective is to focus attention on the corporate social responsibilities of business leaders, as well as to stimulate thought among students, faculty, executives, and community leaders concerning some of the difficult issues that face today's managers. National experts in business, education, journalism, and policy-making participate in this annual conference. Free and open to all, the Symposium's purpose is to inspire the leadership of New Orleans, in both the public and private sectors, to envision a positive, productive, and prosperous future for the City.

BurkenroadPast Symposium participants include: Dr. Cornel West (Harvard University), Professor Stephen L. Carter (Yale University), Kurt Eichenwald (The New York Times), Ward Connerly (chairman, American Civil Rights Institute), Professor Faye Crosby (University of California at Santa Cruz), William H. Gray (President & CEO, United Negro College Fund), Drs. Michael E. Porter and William Julius Wilson (Harvard University), and Johnathan Kozol (National Book Award winning author).

Topics such as "Lying in Business"; "Managing Diversity: Where Are All the Women?"; "Race Matters in the Workplace"; "Truth in Advertising: Fact or Fiction?"; "Affirmative Action: Who Deserves Opportunity?"; "Urban Poverty: What Can Business Really Do?"; "Building Alliances: Education and Business"; and "Social Entrepreneurship: One Idea Can Change the World" have been addressed in past Symposia.

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