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Family Business Center Membership and Benefits

Membership is open to those involved in family business enterprises in which the majority ownership of the company is controlled by the family. Participating family members need not be employees of their business. Membership is limited to 50 firms.

The membership fee covers participation in five Family Business programs for several members of the firm. A complimentary membership is available to current Tulane students of family-owned business and their family.

In addition to providing access to nationally recognized family business experts, members of the FBC receive the following benefits:

The Callais Family of Abdon Callais Offshore
  • Networking opportunities with other Center members who have experienced the unique challenges of the family-owned business.
  • Access to information gathered by the FBC, including family business bibliographies, updates on the latest research and articles on family business, and a variety of additional notifications throughout the year on topics of interest to those involved in family business.
  • Access to all of Tulane University's libraries and the family business collection housed in the business school library.
  • Access to the Peter W. Callais Family Business Center video library.
  • Subscription to the Levy-Rosenblum Institute e-newsletter.
  • Direct access to the FBC staff for discussion and referral on specific issues.

For more information about joining, email Ms. Rosalind G. Butler, Assistant Director of the Family Business Center or call (504) 862-8482.

Last Updated 1/23/13
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