Social Entrepreneur of the Year

Social Entrepreneur of the Year- is a distinguished honor bestowed upon those who have created businesses that provides social impact or change.

The 2013 Tulane Social Entrepreneur of the Year

John Elstrott

 Mr. John Elstrott

2013: Mr. John Elstrott of the Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship
2012: Mr. Jay Atlman of FirstLine Schools
2011: Mrs. Phyllis E. Cassidy of Good Work Network
2010: Mrs. Kathryn Hall-Trujillo of the Birthing Project
2009: Ms. Andrea Chen of S.E.N.O. (Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans)
2008: Mr. Allan Houston of the Allan Houston Foundation
2007: Mr. George Cloutier of American Management Services
2005: Ms. Charlotte C. Cunliffe of Greater N.O. Data Center
2004: Ms. Laura Maloney of the Louisiana S.P.C.A
2003: Ms. Lauren Anderson of Neigborhood Housing Services of N.O.
2002: Ms. Lina Alfieri Stern of IDA Collaborative of Louisiana
Last Updated 11/18/13
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