The Job Interview

Securing a job in today's job market is highly competitive. Employers are seeking the best qualified candidates for their limited number of openings. But being the best qualified is not enough. You must also have the skills and ability to communicate effectively with the employer.

The job interview is the means by which you, the job applicant, and the employer come together to determine common interests. Outside of special events and employer presentations it is also (usually) the first time you come into direct contact with each other. An employer has two basic aims in the interview: to get the right person for the job and to get a person who can contribute something to the organization's goals. Consequently, there is no "tomorrow." Either you convince the employer that you not only have the potential and abilities required of the job and are personally the best selection - or you do not.

The information presented herein is designed to help you prepare for the Job Interview process.

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