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On Campus Recruiting

Interviewing at the Freeman School of Business couldn't be any easier. We will arrange your interview schedule to accommodate your needs related to majors and degrees sought, date and times for interviewing and process for submitting applications.


Campus interviews begin September 24, 2012 - November 30, 2012. Certain days not available due to breaks and other university events.


We will need the following in order to confirm your On Campus Recruiting Schedule:

1. A Job Description or Job Posting for the position(s) you are wishing to interview
2. Degrees, Majors, GPA and Graduation Date Range for Positions you are interviewing
3. Affirmation of interviewing recent alumni for your position(s)
4. First, second and third choice dates you are wishing to come to campus
5. Type of Selection Process - Preselect (you will preselect students to interview based on resume) or Open (All eligible students will be allowed to interview).
5. Length of interview times (20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes)
6. Number of interviewers you will bring with you to campus - Each interviewer represents one schedule

*Special Note for International Student Recruiting - Beginning July 1, 2011, the Freeman Career Management Center in cooperation with the recent US Department of Justice rulings will not allow work visa requirements as part of the screening process for job postings or on campus recruiting eligibility. The ability to provide proper work visas are a condition of employment and not of screening according to the Department of Justice.

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We recommend that employers schedule an Information Session prior to their visit on campus. Many companies will schedule these events as part of the selection process or as a general session prior to making selections.

Company Presentation - You may schedule this type of Information Session a few weeks before you visit campus to help promote your opportunities and your upcoming interview schedule. This is a great way to advertise your company, answer general questions and meet some of the students who are applying for the position. In most cases, these sessions are open to all students.

Candidate Session - You may also schedule in addition to or instead of a Company Presentation. These sessions are usually the night before the interviews and usually only open to selected candidates. You also could make it open to all students to fill-in open timeslots on your schedule.

Information Sessions are held in our Freeman Business School buildings. Every room at the Freeman School of Business is equipped with an LCD projector, screen, audio/video systems for playing DVD's, computers, wireless internet and access for laptop connectivity. For Mac users - please make sure you have a VGA adapter to connect your laptop to our systems.

Catering is available on campus for Information Sessions. Please alert us at time of scheduling if you want to provide catering for your event. There are certain rooms that we cannot allow food in due to classroom scheduling.

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Contact a Recruiting Team member by sending an email to Leonard Williams.

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We will contact you via email or phone to confirm all details and send a confirmation packet including maps, directions and parking passes for your visit.

Once the resume submission deadline starts in August, you may login to FreemanLink to check on the progress of your schedule and review resumes online. The system will email you with a status update at the end of the resume deadline.

If you are preselecting students, we ask that you make your selections quickly to allow enough time for students to select timeslots for your schedule.

FAQ's Recruiting

1. How are students notified that we will be on campus?

We will email students who meet your criteria and invite them to submit their resume for your interview schedule. It is up to the student to decide if they want to do so. We do not automatically populate your schedule with students.

2. How long should I plan for this process?

You should plan at least three weeks from start to finish to be safe. If you are preselecting students to interview, you will need to factor in time in that three weeks to select resumes out of the ones that are submitted. It is best to login and review resumes as they come in every other day or so. Once the resume submission deadline is here, you may make your final picks quickly.

3. We don't have a whole bunch of students applying?

We will do everything possible to advertise and encourage students to apply for interviews, but there are no guarantees on the numbers of applicants or interest. The job description should be as detailed as possible to attract students to apply.

4. We need to schedule interviews in less than a week's time. Is that possible?

The Freeman CMC does not turn down any interest in interviewing within reason. Please keep in mind that the process does require some time to advertise, allow students to submit resumes, review resumes and then allow students to sign-up for a timeslot. Keep in mind that depending on the time of the year, there are other conflicts that may make it difficult for students to interview.

5. Can we interview after hours or on Saturdays? What about during exams?

We request that all interviews start no later than 3 PM during weekdays. We can schedule interviews later in the evening, but they must start no later than 3 PM. We do not allow interviews on Saturdays. We do not schedule interviews during exams or university holidays.

Types of Interview Opportunities:

If you are new to campus recruiting, you may not be aware of all the possible options available to you. Briefly, here are your options when scheduling a date:

1. Preselect Schedule - Students will be qualified to submit to your schedule based on eligibility criteria (GPA, Grad Date, Major). You will then pre-select the students you want to interview from those who qualify.

2. Open Schedule - All students who are interested in interviewing will be able to submit a resume and IMMEDIATELY sign-up for a timeslot to interview without selection on your part.

Options to Recruiting on Campus

Basic Job and Internship Postings - Employers may utilize our job listing service and post employment vacancies for Freeman students at any time during the year. The Career Management Center will announce the listing through our electronic network and refer candidates. To post positions, click here.

Complete Class Resume Books - Each academic year, the Center publishes electronic resume books categorized by degree programs and by graduation year (.pdf formatted). These books include resumes from our Undergraduate, Master of Accounting, Master of Finance, and MBA programs. Recruiting companies may request electronic resume books from the Career Management Center.

Targeted Resume Referrals - These electronic files include the resume of candidates that fit a particular profile as defined by the company. Targeted resume referrals can be run according to criteria such as grade point average, language skills, and knowledge of software systems. Companies may choose to have selected candidates contact them directly or may decide to host an on-campus recruiting visit.

Campus Recruiting Contact

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