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Advisory Board

The Tulane Energy Institute Advisory Board is an oustanding group of individuals that assists the institute in fulfilling its mission and achieving its goals.

Seabron Adamson
VP, Tudor Investment Corporation

Peggy Babin
Associate Dean, School of Business Tulane University

John Bertuzzi
MD Goldman Sachs (retired)

Jim Burke
Chairman and CEO, TXU Energy

Lakshman Charanjiva
VP and CIO, Florida Power & Light

Nick DiCosola
VP, Thomson Reuters

Parker Drew
MD, RBS Sempra/JPMorgan/Morgan Stanley (retired)

Jim Duncan
Director, Market Analysis, ConocoPhillips

Bryan Dutt

Managing Partner, Ironman Energy Capital

Monte Elliff
Citigroup /JPMorgan

Michael A. (Casey) Herman
Assurance Partner and U.S. Assurance Leader for the Utilities & Power Generation Sector, Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP

Paul Howes
President & CEO, Newpark Resources, Inc.

Bengt Jarlsjo
Senior VP, Quanta Services

James McFarland
Executive Director, Tulane Energy Institute

Leo Murphy
Manager, University Relations, Trading Technologies

 Tammy Norman
VP, Mergers & Acquisitions, Shell Oil

 Jeff Parker
Vice Chairman and Manager of Brokerage, Trust and Wealth Management, Iberia Bank

 Carroll Suggs
Chairman, President & CEO (retired) Petroleum Helicopters

Peter Tumminello
President, Sequent Energy Management

Susi S. Zeal
Manager, Recruiting, Development and Training, Phillips 66

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