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API Technology Tour University Initiative

John Felmy of API and Josh Etkind of SPE spoke to the initiatives of America's oil and natural gas companies to help deliver energy security for future generations by focusing on three priorities:

  •    Efficiency - continuing to improve our own efficiency, and encouraging efficiency in other industries and by the American people.
  •    Technology - investing in advanced energy technologies that allow us to develop our resources cleanly and responsibly.
  •    Diversity - increasing the diversity of our oil and natural gas supplies, both here at home and around the world.

The speaking engagement also featured an interactive exhibit, showcasing how the industry is becoming increasingly efficient and technologically advanced by highlighting:

1. 3-D/4-D visualization (based on seismic technology) to pinpoint exactly where to find oil and natural gas, making the industry more efficient in where it decides to drill. A key component of seismic technology is the high-tech supercomputing aspect required. The seismic surveys provide millions of bytes of data that need to be processed, and the advances have taken us from a time 10 years ago where it would take approximately a month to come up with a 3-D visual down to about a day.

2. Directional drilling to drill more efficiently. Drills used to drill straight down; now they can move them in any direction to get around things, drill under a city from miles away or drill off-shore from on-land. Also, if they find that a reservoir is moving underground (from the 4-D seismic/visualization data), they can "steer" the drill over to the new location.

3. Deepwater drill ships to drill in ultra-deep water (up to 10,000 feet). The drill ships allow the companies farther reach than they've ever had before into the oceans.

Two PowerPoint Presentations from the lecture:

You may view the presentations by clicking on the links or you may want to right click the link and save the presentations to your own machine for a better view of the slides.

John Felmy

Josh Etkind

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Last Updated 08/09/11

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