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ConocoPhillips hosted a reception at the Trading Center of the A. B. Freeman School of Business where they awarded a $25,000 grant to the Tulane Energy Institute.  This program is designed to build long-term, strategic relationships with university faculty, and to identify top students with the faculty membersí academic area for potential future employment. 

The ConocoPhillips Commercial Organization targeted Professor LeBlanc and Tulane because they are actively building strategic relationships with professors and universities that have courses and programs that support the recruiting needs of their Commodity Trading business.  ConocoPhillips recruits Engineering, Physics, Math, Business, and Finance students, and believes building a solid relationship with the program at Tulane will have a positive impact on recruiting efforts and business success. conoco

As a professor chosen for the Faculty Sponsorship Program, Professor LeBlanc will have a designated ConocoPhillips business contact responsible for maintaining the company/university relationship. Professor LeBlanc and other Tulane faculty will have the opportunity to learn about ConocoPhillips and become well-informed advocates of the company via site visits and interactions with company representatives

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Last Updated 08/09/11

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