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Tulane Energy Summit  - March 19, 2010

Sponsored by the Provost's Office, the Tulane Energy Institute and the Center for Bioenvironmental Research, the Tulane Energy Summit will be a one-day event aimed at fostering collaboration and dialogue among researchers in various departments who are studying the many aspects of energy. Representatives from disciplines and schools including Science and Engineering, Economics, Business, Environmental Studies, Public Health, Law and many more will make brief presentations about their current research. By bringing together these diverse perspectives, the organizers hope that Tulane can become even more competitive in energy research.

The second aim of the Tulane Energy Summit is to generate ideas for Tulane to meet the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, which Scott Cowen signed in spring of 2008. The Climate Commitment pledges Tulane to eventually become carbon neutral, meaning no net greenhouse gases will be emitted as a result of its operations. As they write an action plan to meet that goal, the Climate Commitment Advisory Committee is soliciting ideas for energy efficiency and renewable energy from the Energy Summit. For more information about President Cowen's commitment, please visit http://green.tulane.edu/climate-commitment.html.

If you are interested in attending or presenting your research at the Tulane Energy Summit, please contact Shelley Meaux via email, smeaux@tulane.edu.

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