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Energy Institute Hosts Minister of Electricity for Iraq

Iraq ministerThe minister of electricity for Iraq was in town on a buying trip, visiting the Powergen conference, a four day gathering of utility companies and their equipment suppliers held at the Morial Convention center. 

Iraq minister

The Energy Institute was asked by the City office of Protocol and the US Department of Commerce to facilitate the visit. Our activities included arranging a plant visit to the Entergy-Thermal central refrigeration plant, a relatively new unit which provides cooling to the downtown hospital complex including portions of Tulane, all of LSU, the Veterans Memorial Hospital, Charity Hospital and the Delgado Nursing School. Separately, we participated in a floor tour of the convention center and a dinner. As part of the minister's infrastructure re-Development efforts, he has asked Tulane to provide a proposal for providing a customized MBA program for existing engineers being groomed to manage new power plants and distribution grids in Iraq.

Iraq minister  

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Last Updated 08/09/11

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