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Faculty Publications

John Page had an article accepted in The CPA Journal. John’s article is titled, “Bank Accounting Practices and Current Financial System Uncertainty.”

Jennifer Merluzzi had two publication acceptances:

Her paper titled, “Social Capital in Asia: Investigating Returns to Brokerage in Collectivistic National Cultures” was accepted in Social Science Research

Her co-authored paper titled, “Embedded Brokerage” was accepted in Research in the Sociology of Organizations.

Geoff Parker had a paper accepted in Productions and Operations Management. Geoff's co-authored paper is titled “Integration and Cospecialization of Emerging Complementary Technologies by Startups.”

Robert Prilmeier had a paper accepted in the Journal of Finance. Robert's co-authored paper is titled "This Time Is the Same: Using Bank Performance in 1998 to Explain Bank Performance during the Recent Financial Crisis".

Robert Hansen had a paper accepted in Management Science. The co-authored paper titled "Are Analysts' Forecasts Informative to the General Public?" is written by Rob and Vadim Balashov (one of our doctoral students) and Oya Altinkilic of George Washington University

Kris Hoang had a paper accepted in Contemporary Accounting Research. Kris's co-authored paper is titled "How Do Regulatory Reforms to Enhance Auditor Independence Work in Practice?"

Mike Burke had two journal acceptances:

The Development of Managerial Skills in MBA Programs: A Reconsideration of Learning Goals and Assessment Procedures. Journal of Management Development (with Otmar Varela)

The Staff Ride: An Approach to Qualitative Data Generation and Analysis. Organizational Research Methods (with Wendy Becker)

Han Jiang (PhD Student), Mason A. Carpenter and Mingxiang Li - just recently had the following paper accepted for publication at Journal of Management: Social Network Research in Organizational Contexts: A Systematic Review of Methodological Issues and Choices

Newman, G.E. & Mochon, D. (2012). "Why are lotteries valued less? Multiple tests of a direct risk-aversion mechanism," Judgment and Decision Making, 7(1), 19-24.

Norton, M.I., Mochon, D. & Ariely, D. (in press). "The IKEA effect: When labor leads to love," Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Frederick, S. & Mochon, D. (2012). "A scale distortion theory of anchoring," Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 141(1), 124-133.

Janet Schwartz had a paper acceptanced in the Journal of Consumer Research. The paper is titled "Price Inferences for Sacred vs. Secular Goods: Changing the Price of Medicine Influences Perceived Health Risk", by Professor Janet Schwartz and Adriana Samper of Arizona State University.

Schwartz J, Luce MF, & Ariely D. Are Consumers Too Trusting? (2011) The Effects of Relationships with Expert Advisers, Journal of Marketing Research. 2011; 48: S163-S174.

Schwartz J; Riis J; Elbel B; Ariely D. (2012) Inviting Consumers To Downsize Fast-Food Portions Significantly Reduces Calorie Consumption, Health Affairs, 31(2).

McGraw, A.P., Schwartz, J.A. & Tetlock, P. (2012) Using secular means to advance sacred goals: Legitimizing taboo trade-offs via relational framing, Journal of Consumer Research, forthcoming.

Jaideep Shenoy - paper accepted titled "An Examination of the Efficiency, Foreclosure, and Collusion Rationales for Vertical Takeovers" has been accepted for publication at Management Science.

Ira Solomon reports that his paper, co-authored with Mark Peecher (University of Illinois) and David Budescu (formerly of University of Illinois now at Fordham University) has been accepted for publication in Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory

"The Joint Influence of the Extent and Nature of Audit Evidence, Materiality Thresholds, and Misstatement Type on Achieved Audit Risk"

Bradford Kevin, Steven Brown, Shankar Ganesan, Gary Hunter, Vincent Onyemah, Robert Palmatier, Dominique Rouziès, Rosann Spiro, Harish Sujan and Barton Weitz (2010), " The Embedded Sales Force: Connecting Buying and Selling Organizations," Marketing Letters, Vol 21 (Sept), 239-

Sujan, Harish (2011), "Salespeople's Influence on Consumers' and Business Buyers' Goals and Well-Being," in The Oxford Handbook of Strategic Sales and Sales Management (eds. Davod W. Cravens, Kenneth Le Meunier-FitzHugh, and Nigel F. Percy), Chapter 15, March, Oxford University Press, Oxford, England.

Mita Sujan- the following journal was accepted in JCP.

Elsevier Editorial System(tm) for Journal of Consumer Psychology
Manuscript Number: JCPS-D-11-00254R2
Title: Skill-Based Versus Effort-Based Task Difficulty: A Task-Analysis Approach to the Role of Specific
Emotions in Motivating Difficult Actions
Corresponding Author: Dr. Kirsten Passyn, Ph.D.
Order of Authors: Kirsten Passyn, Ph.D.; Mita Sujan, Ph.D.

Ms. Ref. No.: JCPS-D-11-00254R2
Title: Skill-Based Versus Effort-Based Task Difficulty: A Task-Analysis Approach to the Role of Specific Emotions in Motivating Difficult Actions
Journal of Consumer Psychology

Sheri Tice - working papers was just accepted for presentation at the spring 2012 National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Corporate Finance Meeting which will be held at the University of Chicago in April 2012.

Carmen Weigelt: Leveraging Supplier Capabilities: The role of the Locus of Capability Deployment Accepted for publication, Strategic Management Journal