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Burkenroad Institute hosts inaugural workshop

Bill Carey, Holly Gregory, Sam Mok and Frank Stewart--presenters at this year's Burkenroad Symposium on Business and Society--were special guests at the first Burkenroad Institute Workshop. The workshop took place on March 7, 2008, immediately following the symposium.

Burkenroad Symposium presenters included Sam Mok, Frank Stewart, Laura Cardinal, Bill Carey and Holly Gregory.

According to Laura Cardinal, director of the Burkenroad Institute, the idea for the workshop came about through a desire to expand the educational function of the institute and examine some of the ideas presented in the symposium in greater depth.

"The symposium fulfills our mission to bring important issues involving busi- ness and leadership to the public, but I think we were missing an opportunity to explore some of those ideas with our students," Cardinal says. "The workshop was a way to bring some of the ideas of the symposium into a classroom setting."

For the luncheon workshop, Carey, Gregory, Mok and Stewart joined more than 30 students--including undergraduates, MBAs and Executives MBAs--for a discussion of critical moments in leadership, the theme of this year's symposium. At the end of the session, a representative from each table summarized the group's discussion and thoughts.

Leigh Bartell (BSM '08)

The 2009 Burkenroad Symposium will take place on Friday, March 6, in Dixon Hall. The theme is "Leadership and the Eye for Innovation," and speakers include Patrick Yam, partner in Sensei Partners, an early-stage venture investment enterprise; Albert Johnson, senior analyst in the science and technology division of Corning Inc.; and Robert M. Price, president of PSV Inc., a consortium of consultants specializing in technology commercialization and corporate strategy.

For more information about the 2009 symposium, visit


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