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Freeman School of Business

Tulane's Freeman School began its global mission in 1914 - one of the first courses taught at the School of Commerce was Spanish Commerce.  Today, that mission includes relationships with some of the premier academic institutions around the globe.  Freeman School faculty and students teach and learn in dozens of countries every year.  The Freeman School has a passionate, global mission.

The Freeman School is dedicated to preparing current and future business leaders to compete in an expanding world economy. To realize that goal the Freeman School offers a wide range of international programs and opportunities.  A Global MBA offered in conjunction with three leading Latin American universities, an International Business supporting concentration for all our MBA's, summer study abroad, semester abroad options, a on-campus Center focused on International Business, and a global network of dozens of universities and programs illustrate the depth of Freeman's international options. Business undergraduates at Tulane have the opportunity to study junior year, semester, and summer in over a dozen global programs. You'll take classes focusing on international business in every program - at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. International programs coordinated through the Goldring Institute of International Business provide experiential learning opportunities for students to broaden their understanding of the global business environment.

The full-time MBA program features what Portfolio Magazine called "the most extensive international experience of any MBA program";Tulane's Global Leadership Series.  A requirement of every full-time MBA, the Global leadership approaches the world from a set of distinctive perspectives: U.S.; Latin America; Europe; and Asia. Every full-time MBA receives a supporting concentration in international business after completing the GL series.  A full concentration in international business is available through the Goldring Institute of International Business.  Tulanes MBA program draws top-quality students from every corner of the map who bring with them unique knowledge of the business world. This diversity, together with outstanding faculty and innovative programs, contributes to a unique global perspective found only at the Freeman School.

Internationally, the Executive MBA program is offered to senior managers in Bogota, Colombia; Santiago, Chile; Shanghai, China; and Taipei, Taiwan



Last Updated 2/15/12
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