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Programs & Interests: Trading

A centerpiece of Goldring/Woldenberg Hall II is the Trading Center, a simulated trading floor that enables students to gain practical experience in such areas as energy, fixed income, and equities. The center facilitates experiential learning programs such as the Burkenroad Reports, the Darwin Fenner Student Managed Fund, and features state-of-the-art hardware and software equipped with industry-leading simulation, trading and financial software from FEA, Oracle, Reuters and Trading Technologies. The Trading Center acts as a hands-on laboratory for the teaching of energy, risk management, equities, and options.

With Burkenroad Reports, students research the buy-side working as analyst in the investment arena. Teams take on companies, do the research, meet with executives, analize the industry, and make recommendations.

With the Darwin Fenner Fund, students study portfolio management. Working within industry sectors groups develop in-depth research on potential investment opportunities. Student recommendations determine positions in this multi-million dollar fund.

With Trading classes, students are capable of experiencing first-hand the exciting, demanding role of Trading.



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