Freeman Network Accounts for Students

If you require that your students have access to resources such as network printers and network shared drives on the Freeman network for your class, please follow the steps outlined here to request student accounts. We require that requests for student accounts come from faculty or from the directors of our various programs.

If you have students in your class who need Freeman network accounts, please complete the linked spreadsheet with the required information and return via e-mail to PLEASE ONLY SEND A LIST OF STUDENTS REQUIRING NEW ACCOUNTS. The accounts will be created, and the completed student account letters will be placed in your mailbox on the 5th floor within two business days.

Who has accounts?

Graduate and BSM students, with few exceptions, will already have Freeman accounts. Business minors may have accounts if they were a business school student in a prior semester and used their account at least once. Non-business students will likely not have accounts. In some exceptional cases BSM students may not have accounts, depending on factors such as the date that they declared the major and registered for a course.

You can determine if a student has a Freeman network account by visiting this link. If the student has an entry, then he/she should have a Freeman network account. The list will be updated on a weekly basis until the close of registration.

Last Updated 7/18/12