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Freeman Network Accounts for Students

If you require that your students have Freeman network access for your class, please follow these procedures so that the students will receive access in a timely fashion. Please note that graduate and BSM students (with few exceptions) will have Freeman network access.

NetOp School Classroom Control Software

The computer classrooms 141 and 1110 are equipped with NetOp School classroom control software. Using the NetOp School software, instructors can monitor student workstation activities, distribute and collect documents from students, broadcast a student workstation to the screen, take control of a student workstation, or blank all student workstations.  Instructors can also control which applications can be used and can even block the use of the Internet.  The following TechNote describes the use of NetOp School in the classrooms:

NetOp School Classroom Control Software

Hurricane Preparedness Info

In preparation for storm season please take a moment to review and update your Freeman Directory record, including the emergency contact information. In the event of an evacuation the information you provide here will be a critical resource for Freeman School administration to communicate with you.

Please review the following documents for instructions on how to access the directory and update your record.
Updating Directory Information for Faculty
Updating Directory Information for Staff

Click here to access the directory.

If you need further assistance please contact Web Services.


Last Updated 8/24/15
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