NetOp School Classroom Control Software

The computer classrooms GWH1 111, GWH1 141 and GWH2 1110 are equipped with NetOp School classroom control software. Using the NetOp School software, instructors can monitor student workstation activities, distribute and collect documents from students, broadcast a student workstation to the screen, take control of a student workstation, or blank all student workstations.  Instructors can also control which applications can be used and can even block the use of the Internet.

The NetOp School product has 2 components: a client product that is installed on each student workstation, and a teacher product that is installed on the classroom's instructor workstation. The client program runs automatically whenever a student logs into a workstation. Students cannot end the program or make changes to the way that it operates.

To run NetOp Teacher on the instructor workstation, select Start, Programs, NetOp School, Teacher, or double-click the Teacher icon on the desktop.  The class names are room111, class1110 and room141.  The program will initially list all students who are logged onto machines in Detail View.

NetOp School features

The best viewing options are Detail View and Mosaic View, listed on the left side of the screen. Detail View displays the student's login name and machine name; i.e, jsmith room111_08. Mosaic View shows a small picture of each student screen.

Monitor allows the instructor to view the activity of any student computer with no control over the workstation. The student receives no indication on the workstation that he/she is being observed. If the classroom projector is on, the image will display on the screen.

Remote Control allows the instructor to control a student computer, taking over control of the mouse and keyboard.

Attention sends a blank screen with the text "A. B. Freeman School of Business" to one or all student computers.

To create a policy and choose which programs including the Internet that can be allowed or denied, contact Jean Mouton for instructions.


Last Updated 7/18/12