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Information Technology
Student Orientation

 Top 6 Items for Student Orientation

  1. Tulane Self Service Password Reset
  2. Beware of Phishing Scams Technology Services will never, under any circumstances, request your password via email or non-Tulane website.
  3. Tools for Technology and Computer Specifications
  4. Tulane Wireless
    Configure your wireless device with EduRoam
  5. Anti-Virus for your notebook computer
    Tulane has a site license for McAfee
  6. Configure Freeman printing from notebook computer
    Map Freeman print server network drive and add Freeman network printers


Freeman Printing

  • 1000 pages of print credits per semester
  • Additional credits purchased at 10 cents a page in Room 411 Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm
  • Free credits will not roll over
  • Purchased credits not refunded at end of semester
  • Do not use transparency film in printers
  • When printing choose a printer in close proximity to your location

Freeman Card Access

  • Hours of Operation
  • Swipe Tulane ID Card for access to Labs and Library after 5pm
  • In GWHI press door release button after 5pm

Logging onto Freeman Computers

    • Students Logon to Freeman computers with Tulane User Name
      • Email stations in hallways
      • Computer Labs
      • Computer Classrooms
        • GWHI Room 141
        • GWHII Room 1110
        • GWHII Room 1112 (Trading Room)
    • Network drives automatically mapped
      • Drive Letter H \\\username$
        • My Documents are redirected here
        • 250 MB storage limit
        • Store MP3's on USB flash drive not on network drive
      • Drive Letter R \\\apps
    • Network printers automatically mapped
      • GWHI
        • In Lab 201: MTC_Front64, MTC_Three64, MTC_Rear64
      • GWHII
        • GWH2-BRK164 and GWHIIBRK264 (behind email stations)
        • NOTE: When printing choose a printer in close proximity to your location
        • Logoff before stepping away from computer


      • Students use Tulane\yourtulaneusername
      • Configure printing from notebook computer
      • When network drives are disconnected after restarting notebook computer
        • Open My Computer window
        • View by details
        • All mapped network drives will be disconnected
        • Double click the drive
        • Enter Tulane password, if prompted
        • You will now be able to print to Freeman network printers and access Freeman network drives
        • Authentication window for

Tulane Account Services

Security For Your Notebook Computer

      • Microsoft Updates- 2nd Tuesday of every month
      • Anti-Virus Program
      • Tulane has a site license for McAfee
      • Free AVG is another favorite choice
      • Only one anti-virus program should be installed on your notebook
      • Current Virus Definition Files should be configured to update daily
      • Anti-Spyware Programs
      • Spybot Search and Destroy - Freeware
      • Malwarebytes - Freeware
      • Perform weekly
      • Tulane Computer Security

Computer Assistance

Last Updated 8/14/14
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