Information Technology
Student Orientation

 Top 6 Items for Student Orientation

1.    Your Access to Tulane Resources:  Tulane User Account and Splash Card

Beware of phishing - Technology Services will never, under any circumstances, request your password via email or non-Tulane website

Change Password -

2.    Laptop is required

Check TechConnection @ LBC and Freeman website for specifications

3.    Tulane Wireless

Configure your wireless device with EduRoam

4.    University licensed software at no cost

Tulane has a site license for TrendMicro Anti-Virus

Office Software

OPENDNS client

5.     Configure Freeman printing from notebook computer

Map Freeman print server network drive and add Freeman network printers

6.    CHECK YOUR email

Works on your phone

Help is available at the MTC on the 2nd floor of GWH I


Freeman Printing

  • 1000 pages of print credits per semester
  • Additional credits purchased at 10 cents a page in Room 411 Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm
  • Free credits will not roll over
  • Purchased credits not refunded at end of semester
  • Do not use transparency film in printers
  • When printing choose a printer in close proximity to your location

Freeman Card Access

  • Hours of Operation
  • Swipe Tulane Splash ID Card for access to Labs and Library after 5pm
  • In GWHI press door release button after 5pm

Logging onto Freeman Computers

    • Students Logon to Freeman computers with Tulane User Name
    • Network drives automatically mapped
      • Drive Letter H \\freemanfile2.tulane.local\username$
        • My Documents are redirected here
        • 250 MB storage limit
    • Network printers automatically mapped
      • GWHI
        • In Lab 201: MTC_Front64, MTC_Three64, MTC_Rear64
      • GWHII
        • GWH2-BRK164 and GWHIIBRK264 (behind email stations)
        • NOTE: When printing choose a printer in close proximity to your location
        • Logoff before stepping away from computer


      • Configure printing from notebook computer
      • When network drives are disconnected after restarting notebook computer
        • Open My Computer window
        • View by details
        • All mapped network drives will be disconnected
        • Double click the drive
        • Enter Tulane password, if prompted
        • You will now be able to print to Freeman network printers and access Freeman network drives
        • Authentication window - Tulane\yourtulaneusername and password

Tulane Account Services

Security For Your Notebook Computer

Computer Assistance

Last Updated 8/20/15
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