Freeman Network Printing Policies

In an effort to reduce the tremendous amount of paper waste produced on our network printers, the Freeman School has instituted the following policies.

Printing to network printers costs 10 cents per page. Duplex printing, if available, is charged at the rate of 10 cents for the first printed side and 6.5 cents for the second printed side. Student accounts begin each semester with 1000 pages of print credits. Additional print credits, if needed, can be purchased at the rate of 10 cents per page. The initial 1000-page balance covers the required printing in most classes.

While this change makes the Freeman School's printing policy consistent with that of the University, an important aspect of this change is waste reduction. Reducing waste reduces the School's overall operating costs associated with paper, toner cartridges, and printer maintenance, and is an important step in conserving our planet's precious natural resources.

How to check credits
This information coming soon.

How to add credits
Additional print credits can be purchased using cash in the Office of Administration, Room 411 Goldring/Woldenberg Hall I.

Teaching assistants and research assistants
Students working as teaching assistants, research assistants, or student workers who may be required to do a quantity of printing can request additional print credits through the faculty member or supervisor with whom they are working. These students should ask their supervisor to print and complete the Administrative request for student print credit form, sign the form, and submit it to the Office of Administration in Room 411. The form must be signed by the faculty member or staff member to whom the student reports. Requests can be made in 100-page increments, with a maximum of 500 pages per request.

Faculty and staff allowing additional print credits for student workers should carefully review these requests in order to help prevent abuse and foster our conservation efforts.

Frequently asked questions
Q: Can I save my 1000-page initial balances each semester for a semester that I think I'll need to do a lot of printing?
A: No. The initial 1000-page balance each semester does not carry over to next semester if not used. Accounts are set to 1000 pages at start of each semester.

Q: What happens when I can't find a print job?
A: You should first check all printers. If you still have not found your print job please report it to the help desk in room 201 during working hours.



Last Updated 7/18/12