Register and Configure Your Card

There are two important reasons to register your wireless card. Both have to do with the security vulnerabilities and mis-allocation of resources that stem from not registering cards. The first reason that we want you to register your card is to secure the network from non-Tulane individuals who might use the wireless connection to our network for a malicious purpose (perhaps to access information or attack a server). The second is to safeguard resources for members of the Tulane community. A wireless access point is a "shared" device, meaning that it shares its connectivity with all cards that "associate" or connect to it. If someone from outside Tulane uses our wireless network, then they will be taking resources (in particular, bandwidth or speed) away from you.


Configure Your Card

Use the Setup Wizard
Or view settings pertinent to all systems

What you need to know
FAQ, Policies, Important Security Issues

Where you can connect
Maps of Campuses, Buildings, Rooms, etc.


Last Updated 7/18/12