Services & Facilities

Goldring/Woldenberg Halls I and II are "virtual computer labs" with wireless connectivity throughout each building and hundreds of wired Ethernet connections in classrooms, study rooms, and work areas supporting notebook computer users. Students can easily connect to the Freeman Network as well as to Tulane's online services and the Internet from anywhere in the buildings.

Computing facilities throughout the complex include two general purpose labs, 2 computer classroom, a Trading Room, a behavioral lab, research stations in the library, teaching stations in each classrooms, and e-mail stations.

Both the main lab on the second floor (Room 201) and a second lab on the first floor (Room 120) have multimedia workstations connected to the Freeman Network and the Internet. Room 201 has 50 workstations and Room 120 has 18 workstations, both with network-connected printers.

E-mail stations placed throughout the buildings give students quick access to their mail between classes.

Each classroom has an instructor console with a computer, projection, video, and sound capabilities. Instructors and students use these facilities for lectures and presentations in class.

All classrooms are wired for notebook computer use, with an Ethernet connection and electricity available at every seat. Wireless networking is available in all classrooms, study rooms, library, and work areas. The atrium, a gathering place for socializing as well as study, has both wired and wireless network access as well as electrical outlets to support notebook computers.

Last Updated 7/18/12