This document describes the computing facilities that are available to the students of the A.B. Freeman School of Business. Computing labs, access, software, and printing are discussed, as well as electronic mail use and general policies.

Freeman School Information Systems

Information Systems Support

Wayne Dolese
GWI - Room 201D

Jason McFarland
GWI - Room 201D

Michael Harrison
GWI - Room 233
Kevin Ammentorp
GWII - Room 1114

Jean Mouton
GWI - Room 235


ROOM 201


The Management Technology Center (MTC) provides computer equipment and software for use by the students of the Freeman School. The MTC in Room 201 is equipped with 50 workstations. All of the computers are networked, providing access to the Freeman School's internal Windows network, Tulane systems, and the Internet. High-speed Hewlett-Packard Laserjet printers provide high-quality output for all lab machines.


Regular, holiday, and special hours of operation are posted in the labs and on the Freeman website.


Access to the MTC is restricted to currently-enrolled students of the Freeman School. The magnetic card reader is programmed to admit students holding ID cards from the lab's opening time until 15 minutes before the posted closing time. Keep your card with you, and do not give your card to roommates, significant others, etc. The MTC is a limited resource; if you make it available to everyone you know, it may not be available for you when you need it.

Access to the computers in labs is limited to currently-enrolled students of the Freeman School by use of network login names and passwords. You are responsible for your network account. Please do not give your login name and password to anyone.

Printing is accounted for by login name. You are responsible for all pages printed using your network account. Remember to logout of the system when you leave the computer. If the computer is unattended while you are logged in, anyone can use your account to print.

Use of the MTC is restricted to posted hours. Hours may vary during university holidays, between semesters, and summer. Please leave promptly at closing time; no one is permitted to remain after closing time. Since the computer labs have alarm systems, campus security will be summoned if anyone is in the labs during closed times.

You are responsible for your personal items. Items left in the MTC will be placed on the Student Consultant's desk and then brought to lost-and-found in Room 411, G/W I, the next business day. Please be sure you leave with everything that you arrived with.

Please restrict your use of cell phones to outside of the lab. Talking on cell phones is disruptive to students at workstations around you.


The MTC has all software that is required to complete class assignments. Special data files may be available on the network; your instructor will tell you where the files reside.

You must provide your own storage media and headphones. Information Systems staff do not have external media to sell or loan. External storage such as USB drives are available for purchase in the bookstore at the Lavin-Bernick Center.

Please note that in an effort to keep the lab computers operating smoothly we cannot allow personal software to be installed on the machines. Also, to reduce wear and tear on the computers we cannot allow equipment to be connected to the machines in the labs. If you require special software or hardware in order to complete your class assignments, please contact the director of information technology or an IT staff member well in advance of the time that you will need such software or equipment.

Please note that it is a violation of U. S. Federal copyright laws to copy licensed software. Shareware or public domain software will be labeled as such, and is the only software that is allowed to be copied. Please do not copy software or ask for assistance in doing so.


Students from the Freeman School and elsewhere within the university staff the MTC. Student consultants provide basic assistance with the operation of the equipment and supported software packages; they are not present to help with course assignments. Some courses provide teaching assistants to help with course assignments and specialized software packages; please ask your instructor. Due to the large number of software packages used in our labs, technical support may be basic on some of the less popular or specialized packages.

Additional assistance is available from the Tulane Infrastructure Services Help Desk, 862-8888.


The computers in the MTC are available for use on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no exceptions to this policy. The machines are not to be used for game playing, as this restricts use by others who may have school work to do. Students found to be playing games will be asked to leave so that others may use the computers to complete academic assignments.

Each student is provided space (a home directory) for the storage of files on the network. Please note that the storage of excessive amounts of music, movie, and graphics files is prohibited, as these files consume a large amount of disk space because of their size. File storage is reviewed daily, and these types of files will be removed. You should use removable storage such as USB drives for your graphics, music, and movie collections.

Although user data files on the network are backed up, you should copy important documents to external storage as a personal backup.


Complying with campus-wide laser printing policies, there is a per-page charge for laser printed output. This charge is imposed to discourage waste and save resources. Complete information about laser printing charges can be found in the Computing section of the Freeman Web site.

Please discourage wasteful printing by checking your documents carefully, printing only one copy, and printing only when necessary.


The Freeman School uses Tulane's University-wide mail system for both internal and Internet electronic mail. E-mail access is available on all computers in the MTC and electronic classroom. Configuration information is posted in the TechNotes section of the Freeman Information Technology home page, located on the Freeman School's official web site.

You are issued a mail system user account and password. Your Internet address is Mail accounts are provided by Tulane Infrastructure Services; assistance is available from the Tulane Infrastructure Services Help Desk, 862-8888.


Save your work frequently! Save often when you are working on a document, spreadsheet, or any other important work for extended periods of time. Interruptions, mistakes, and power outages can cause your hard work to be lost in a second.

Use external media such as USB flash drives to make backup copies of your work. Save very important work to several drives.

Plan ahead! The MTC gets very busy at mid-term and before final exams. Complete your assignments as soon as possible. Check your account balance for printing before weekends. If you use all of your laser account pages during a weekend, you will have to wait until Monday to purchase additional pages.


The Information Systems support staff is ready to help you with your pre-purchase computer questions. Advice on buying new systems or upgrading older ones is available at any time.


Students can take advantage of educational discounts on popular software packages through the university's software purchase program. See the Software page in the Technology Services section of the university's main web site.


All MTC computers are equipped with virus-protection software. It is a good idea to scan your disks regularly whether or not you suspect a virus. If you have any questions about computer viruses you can consult one of the many online information services or ask a member of the information systems support staff.

Tulane has a site license agreement for the TrendMicro virus protection software, making the product available to students, faculty, and staff. Details are on the Freeman Information Technology home page.


Access to the Freeman network will remain available for your use as long as you are a registered student in the business school. Accounts are removed from the system and are no longer available for use:

  • After you graduate and are not registered in any further classes, or
  • Upon your leaving the school before graduating.

Each summer, after spring commencement, accounts of graduated students are suspended on June 1. Accounts are removed from the system on July 1 (including all associated files in network storage).

Each spring, after fall commencement, accounts of graduated students are suspended on January 2. Accounts are removed from the system on February 15 (including all associated files in network storage).


Student email remains valid for life after the student completes 12 hours of coursework during 2009 or later.  Students do not need to do anything to keep the account active.

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