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The Freeman School requires all students to have a notebook computer. As technology becomes more integrated into student life, you will find that a notebook computer is a tool that will help you tackle the demands of the Freeman program and will afford you access to resources that the Freeman School and Tulane provide. You will have unlimited access to the computing resources that you require, and through hundreds of network connections throughout the buildings you will have convenient access to the Freeman School's internal network, Tulane's shared systems, and the Internet.

Student notebook computers must meet the specifications as outlined by the Freeman School; please see the computer specifications page for current requirements. Students are expected to utilize their computers during classroom instruction as determined by their instructors. You will have the flexibility of working anywhere in the Freeman School buildings as well as anywhere on campus. These pages contain the information that you as a Freeman School student require to plan your computer purchase, configure your computer for the Freeman network, find answers to questions, and more.

Computer specifications
Basic requirements for all programs are:

  • The Windows operating system
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2013 (for Windows)
  • Internet Explorer

Many of the computer programs required for use throughout the curriculum are available for Windows only, such as SPSS and Markstrat. And some classes use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel or use programs that require VBA, such as Crystal Ball. VBA is available only in the Windows version of Microsoft Office, thus the requirement for the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office for Windows.

The Computer specifications page contains complete information on computer hardware and software requirements, minimum specifications, and additional recommendations to help you plan your computer purchase.

Help and information
Start here to find information, sources of help, and technical documentation.

Last Updated 5/31/13
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