turchin library services: summer school 2013

In preparation for the start of GW1 renovation work, the Turchin Library will close on Saturday, May 11 and reopen in GW2 Room 1116 on Monday May 20.  Library staff can be contacted during this time by email or phone:  turchin@tulane.edu, 504-865-5376.  Library material should be returned to the Howard Tilton Memorial Library during this week only.

Complete information about Interlibrary Loan Services can be found at:

http://www.freeman.tulane.edu/lib-tech/turchin/services.php   *Click on Interlibrary Loan tab

Library fines have been posted to Gibson.  For information or questions contact the Librarian at dharrin1@tulane.edu.

For Research Assistance, Library purchases, and requests for classroom instruction or course reserves for the summer, please contact the Librarian by e-mail or phone: turchin@tulane.edu, 504-865-5376.

On Monday, May 20, the Turchin Library's temporary operations center will open in GW2 Room 1116.  The Library will be open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.  Library materials from Turchin Library should be returned to this office.

Last Updated 9/19/13
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