Policies & Procedures

Each department representative is responsible for the content of the departmental website. If there is no individual identified to update the site through the content management system (CMS) the Web Administraion staff will assist with content updates. We require a Word document with all the content prepared and web ready (including grammar and spell check). The web administration staff is not responsible for the content on the departmental site. It should be written, reviewed and approved through the department. All links on a departmental site are also the responisibility of the departmental staff.

Publish Times
Items submitted to be published through the content management system will be published within 24 business hours (ie; if submitted on Friday, it will publish by Monday).
If your department does not have a content manager to edit your pages you can submit a word document to the web administration staff for an update. This document must include the full URL of the page/s to be updated and should be web ready (including spell/grammar check). If web administration staff are updating the site the publish time is 48 business hours.

Content Management System (CMS) Accounts
To request a new account for the content management system contact Web Administration.
New Accounts will be created within 24 business hours of the request.
CMS accounts should never be shared with others. If there is a need for additional users simply contact us and request a new user account. All new accounts are created at a "basic editing" level. For advanced access you must complete the necessary training.

New Web Site Request
Web site development and hosting is provided for faculty and staff. All web sites hosted in house must be directly related to programs and organizations within the business school. For information on acquiring a personal web site or a site for courses or student organizations please click here. All new web site requests should be made by contacting Alicia Gillentine and scheduling an initial meeting to discuss the purposes of the site and how we can best accommodate your needs. A time line will be determined based on the level of detail of the site design and content.

Use of Third Party Services
All use of third party services should be reviewed by Freeman's IT Director to ensure the integrity of the Freeman School's web presence. Additionally we are available to review contracts to determine the appropriate technical aspects of the contract are acceptable for use in conjunction with our current web site and business processes.

Third party services include but are not limited to use of an outside organization to create, develop, design and/or host any web site, or web elements for use on the Freeman Site (such as images or flash elements).

URL/Domain Name Requests
Domain name requests (name.tulane.edu) require one week for processing. Requests should be directed to Alicia Gillentine

The Freeman Directory
All photos of faculty and staff should be taken professional quality. Photos can be taken in house during student orientation sessions or you can contact web administration to schedule to have a photo taken. Maintaining current information on your directory record is important because this information is reflected on the Freeman web site.

Online Payments Processing/Shopping Cart We provide online credit card processing through which funds are cleared and charged back to the appropriate accounts through the Office of Administration and Finance. All online payment transactions should be handled through this in house service. Please make requests to web administration.

Blog Services
Blog services are available to any Freeman faculty and staff. Blog sites must be directly affiliated with Freeman School programs or organizations. A blog can be requested by clicking here.

Social Media
The Freeman School actively uses social media. All social media used for the purpose of advertising events, departments or organizations directly affiliated with the Freeman School must be approved by Web Administration and must follow guidelines put forth by Tulane University's Public Relations department.

Back Ups
Back up routines are in place for all of the web pages and blogs that are hosted in house. Each night files are backed up to a live server in Houston which also serves as a stand by server in the event that the in house servers are unavailable. There are also back up routines that run nightly and record all web pages and blogs to a tape device. If you need to recover a file from a back up please contact Alicia Gillentine.

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