Burkenroad Institute elects a Cardinal

Laura Cardinal, Exxon Professor of Strategy at the Freeman School, is the new director of the William B. and Evelyn Burkenroad Institute for the Study of Ethics and Leadership in Management. The appointment was announced by Dean Angelo S. DeNisi in February 2007.

Cardinal succeeds Art Brief, who resigned to become the George S. Eccles Chair in Business Ethics at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business.

An award-winning scholar with more than a dozen refereed articles to her name, Cardinal joined the Freeman School in 2003 after serving as assistant professor of strategic management at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill. A PhD graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Cardinal has taught at Duke, Texas Tech, Baylor, University of Texas-Dallas and Southern Methodist University. Her teaching and research interests include strategic management, management of technology and innovation, social entrepreneurship, managing new ventures, strategic implementation, and managing adaptation and change.

Established in 1990 though a gift of the Burkenroad family, the Burkenroad Institute was founded to increase the understanding of and promote through research and education the ethical decision making of business leaders. The institute also fosters open forums among students, faculty, executives and community leaders on the moral obligations of business professionals.

Last Updated 11/19/08