MD and MBA a perfect match

March 15, 2007

At this year’s Match Day, the annual celebration at which graduating medical school students learn where they’ll be doing their residencies, six new graduates brought to the event something that no previous graduates have possessed: A joint MBA degree.

Liet Le is one of the first graduates of the new MD/MBA joint degree program.Ash Bowen, Kapil Dhingra, Adil Fatakia, Vivian Hoang, Liet Le and Chris O’Brien are the first graduates of the Freeman School’s new MD/MBA joint-degree program. The program, offered in conjunction with Tulane School of Medicine, enables medical school students to earn an MBA with one additional year of study.

“Every physician loves to see patients, but the business aspects of health care are making the practice of medicine more difficult,” says Bowen, who begins a residency in urology at Tulane in July. “To fully enjoy my career, I realized I would have to understand both the medical and business aspects.”

“Many physicians don’t get any formal business training yet have to be in positions of management either in academics or private practice,” adds Le, who will do his residency in dermatology at Tulane. “When the dual program was introduced, I felt one extra year was worth the knowledge I would gain to tackle many of the issues I’ll face as a practicing physician.”

In addition to Bowen and Le, Dhingra will do his residency in emergency medicine at UC Davis Medical Center, Fatakia will do his residency in otolaryngology at Tulane, Hoang will do her residency in neurology at Georgetown University Hospital and O’Brien will do his residency in ophthalmology LSU.

“I wanted to become a better leader,” concludes Fatakia. “And a concentration in management was the fastest, most effective way to achieve that.”

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