BSM Program

To graduate, BSM students need 122 credits. Freeman electives are used to satisfy major requirements. Students may fulfill other electives at the Schools of Architecture, Business, Liberal Arts, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Science and Engineering, and Social Work. Up to nine credits may be fulfilled at the School of Continuing Studies, subject to restrictions (see Cross-Registraion - Excluded Classes). Students must complete a minimum of 66 credits above the 1000 level.

First Year
Foreign Language
Humanities/Fine Arts
INFO 1010
MATH 1150
Physical Science
PSYC 1000, 1010, or 1020
TIDB 1010 or 1020
TIDB 1110
Public Service (Included in TIDB 1010 and TIDB 1110)
CDMA 1010

SophOmore Year
ACCN 2010
Humanities / Fine Arts
INFO 3010
LGST 3010
MATH 1140
CDMA 2010

Junior Year
ACCN 3010
MKTG 3010
FINE 3010
MGMT 3010
MCOM 3010
Public Service
Major Course
Major Course
Business Elective
CDMA 3010

Senior Year
MGMT 4010
MGMT 4900
Major Course
Major Course
Major Course
Major Course or Elective
Major Course or Elective
Business Elective
Business Elective
CDMA 4010

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