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In Asia the Freeman School has had a joint venture EMBA program in Taiwan since 1993. This program has been a great success and involved the management development programs of the National Taiwan University, the National Chengchi University, and the National Chiao Tung University. Students from these management development programs are recruited into the highly selective Tulane executive MBA program. This program is taught partly in Taipei, Taiwan and partly at Tulane University in New Orleans. This programs is in its fifth year and has been a great success. The quality of the students are outstanding and Tulane now has over 160 alumni in Taipei. This program is being expanded and include managers from mainland China through cooperation with Fudan University in Shanghai.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is a new, modern and excellent university created in Hong Kong in the early 1990's. Tulane University has a semester abroad agreement with the Hong Kong University of Science Technology to exchange undergraduate students on a semester basis. In addition, our faculty have had a strong relationship to the Hong Kong University of Science Technology serving on their faculty and teaching in their programs for a number of years. HKUST has hosted our Asian MBA Study Abroad program for several years.

Tulane entered an agreement with the ministry of education at the Malaysian government several year ago to receive students from Kolej Uniteic University into the Freeman School of Business as juniors. The curriculum at Kolej Uniteic was designed to make this transition for the students feasible and to provide them with a undergraduate education of equal quality to that of Tulane. This program was initiated in 1995 and we have received the first group of Malaysian students in January 1997.

The future of program development in Asia depends upon our initiatives to offer an executive MBA program with leading institutions in mainland China. Discussions have been underway with Peking University in Beijing, Fudan University in Shanghai, and Zhongshan University in Guangzhou to implement such a program. Tsinghua University in Beijing has hosted the MBA study abroad program for several years.

EMBA Program - 1993

EMBA Program - 1993

EMBA Program - 1994

FacultyStudent Exchanges - 1994
Study Abroad - 1996

Faculty/Student Exchanges - 1995
EMBA Program - Proposal

EMBA Program - Proposal

Kolej Uniteic Malaysia:
Advanced Placement - 1995

Peking University:
EMBA Program - Proposal

Zhongshan University:
EMBA Program - Proposal

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