Global Programs

Global MBA - Alliance of the Americas for Global Business Leadership
A partnership of four leading universities: IESA - ITAM - Tulane - UniAndes

The Global MBA is a special curriculum available to Freeman MBA students who seek to broaden their international business education and experience and aspire to global business leadership positions in the Americas. This is a graduate program which provides:

  • a regional focus on managing business throughout the Americas;
  • a global perspective through travel and selected real business cases focused on strategy in the major business regions of the world;
  • an international leadership and team building challenge through teamwork in a unique international cohort.

The program is a joint-venture of four prestigious business schools: ITAM, Mexio City, Mexico; IESA, Caracas, Venezuela; Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, and; Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.. The Freeman MBA student may use this option to accelerate their MBA program to three semesters or to earn a dual degree, MBA/Master of Global Management.

Freeman MBA students pursuing the Global MBA option enroll in a special international module with a cohort of students from ITAM, IESA, and UniAndes. The module is comprised of six 3-hour courses offered in six different countries. These courses focus on international leadership, teambuilding, and global business strategy*.

A team-based international marketing and enterprise valuation (Burkenroad Reports for Latin America) project will be executed over the duration of the module.

The international module is offered off of the normal academic calendar to accommodate travel and accelerated graduate study. Students travel in an international cohort for experiential learning and graduate study in the US, Mexico, Colombia or Venezuela, France, China, and Brazil.

Global MBA Options

The Global MBA is an international extension of the Freeman MBA curriculum offering the student the following options.

Accelerate the MBA Program: Freeman MBA students may elect to take the international module to accelerate their MBA program and complete the requirements for the MBA after three semesters. The student will be eligible to receive the MBA degree after three semesters and qualify for a concentration in international business.

MBA/Master of Global Management dual degree: Freeman MBA students may elect to take the international module and pursue the dual degree (MBA/MGM). Under this option the student will be required to take 15 semester credit hours during their fourth semester in addition to the international module.

Travel, Travel Accommodations, and Program Costs
Tuition for the program includes graduate instruction for six three-hour graduate courses plus the books and materials required for these courses. In addition, housing and two meals per day will be provided on all travel excursions. Several evening meals will be provided on special occasions. Students will be responsible for their own transportation expenses to and from the city where classes will be held as well as travel within those cities unless otherwise provided by the program. Students will be required to travel to Mexico City, Bogota, Paris, Shanghai/Beijing, New Delhi, and New Orleans to attend classes.

For more information contact Professor John Trapani or Maria Lee.

Last Updated 7/18/12
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