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Joint Degree (BSM/MACCT) Benefits

Whereas most joint degree programs are comprised of two graduate degrees, at Tulane, our BSM-MAACT is an undergraduate and graduate degree that offers considerable advantages:

    • Opportunities for full-time, paid, busy-season internship in the city and state where you ultimately want to work (counts for 3 hours of academic credit toward the 30 required for graduation).

    • The same undergraduate financial package extends to the fifth year of study.

    • Greater flexibility in fulfilling undergraduate requirements. An undergraduate degree in accounting is not required; in fact, employers report that they appreciate the diverse backgrounds that Tulane alumni bring to their operations.

  • A streamlined recruitment process. Apply for the positions that interest you, interview with the respective firms when they come to campus to meet you in person, and then travel to the city where you plan to live for final interviews.
Last Updated 10/7/14
Professor Parent and Professor Smith