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Small by Design

Students enrolling in MBA programs are looking to gain practical business knowledge as well as to create a network of connections. Tulane's small size, with about 80 students per class each year, fosters both goals:

  • Smaller class sizes and lower professor-to-student ratios create an academic environment of participation and interaction.
  • MBA candidates develop meaningful relationships with faculty, who know their students by name, interests, and personality.
  • An emphasis on experiential learning and group projects creates a collaborative environment among students.
  • Global leadership coursework requires three class trips of international travel during the two-year program, which invariably helps students bond and make friendships.
  • Attitudes of collaboration, teamwork, and friendship carry over to the network of Freeman alumni who are often eager to assist new MBA graduates.
  • Tulane University and the Freeman School are tightly integrated with the city of New Orleans, and our graduates develop deep ties with the local community.


Last Updated 1/8/14
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Class Size

"While discussion is vibrant in a 40 person class because there is always someone looking to talk, these smaller classes really allow for conversation between the professors and students. That having been said, Tulane's faculty has really done an excellent job in getting to know each student personally, even in when it involves our entire class being in one room."
Sarah Gaddis, MBA Alum