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The Student Experience

In addition to Tulane's academic strengths and opportunities for experiential learning, students in the A. B. Freeman School of Business enjoy the benefit of living in New Orleans. It's a benefit that's not to be undervalued. New Orleans, which welcomes 9 million tourists each year, is one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States and consistently receives top rankings from major travel publications. Living here is even better.

  • The city is renowned for its history, architecture, and beauty. Everyone loves the musical culture, the vibrant cuisine, and the easy-going atmosphere. Big, festivals like Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest draw in the crowds, but every day of the year New Orleans offers a relaxed, friendly feeling. It's an atmosphere that fosters creativity and collaboration.
  • New Orleans is inexpensive and compact, it offers an appealing lifestyle. Students at the Freeman School typically live in shared house in one of the leafy neighborhoods near Tulane. They find it easy to get around by bike and public transportation or with Tulane's university shuttle system. The city also is home to the Saints and the Pelicans, our NFL and NBA franchises.
  • Our close proximity to downtown, community ties, and the compact nature of the city create unique opportunities for every MBA student. Our students become embedded within the local business community and connected to the fast-growing entrepreneurship ecosystem. Tulane MBA students take on meaningful roles as consultants, advisors, volunteers, and interns at businesses and non-profits across the city.

The Tulane-New Orleans Connection

Tulane University is one of New Orleans' largest private employers and a major economic driver in the greater metropolitan area. Our history is intertwined with the city's, and Freeman graduates over the last century have filled the ranks of New Orleans' most prominent citizens and leaders. A Freeman master's degree is a passport to the city and the Gulf South region.

New Orleans is thriving, and an influx of energetic entrepreneurs and social activists have poured into the city in the last decade. They work in fields from technology to education, from healthcare to environmental issues to urban development. New Orleans is in the process of reinventing itself, making now a particularly exciting time to be a Freeman student or recent graduate. The city is a stimulating place to spend two years, and many of our students end up staying much longer.

Last Updated 1/8/14
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Amy Garrick

"As a member of the Tulane Entrepreneur's Association, I am matched up with a local business named NolaVie. On November 11th, we helped them throw a pop-up art show featuring a local designer, DJ and band. It was held at Studio 3, a Mardi Gras float warehouse. We helped organize and promote the event which was a big success. We got to meet a lot of fun people and see some of the best New Orlean's has to offer."
Amy Garrick, MBA 2013