Welcome Class of 1994

Is your reunion on your calendar?

Have you made your flight and hotel arrangements?

Have you contacted your classmates?

It's almost time to start your planning!!

Class Co-Chairs

Pablo Acedo-Moreno

Michelle Bergman 
"Lost" Classmates
(Please contact Rhonda Brown at rhondab@tulane.edu or 504.862.8470
if you have information for these individuals.)

Dominique E. Duryea
Kusuo Kitano
M. Laren Langlois
Rong-Tong Liu
Ching-Chin Liu
Ilkka Antero Nieminen
Tushita Ranchan
Summer J. Shiah
Inder Tallur
Chi-Hua Tseng
Paula C. Waters
In Memoriam
Alma Jackson
Last Updated 2/7/14
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