Welcome Class of 1989

 Is your reunion on your calendar?

Have you made your flight and hotel arrangements?

Have you contacted your classmates?

It's time to make your plans!!


Class Co-Chairs

Donald D. Hensel

Robert W. Mouton



"Lost" Classmates
(Please contact Rhonda Brown at rhondab@tulane.edu or 504.862.8470
if you have information for these individuals.)
Lisa Check
Charles R. Elkins
David A. Fettner
Lauren E. Flores
Julie B. Folmar
Everett B. Gibson Jr.
Suzanne N. Haenel
Susan E. Nelson
Murray A. C. Stewart
Robert S. Trace
Atsuhiko Yokoyama
Daizoh Zohshima
In Memoriam
Joseph A. Bush Jr.
R. Blake Hendrix
Joseph E. Jure
Anthony P. Perniciaro Jr.
Allen R. Vorholt
John F. Whitney



Last Updated 2/7/14
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