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The Office of Undergraduate Education, located in Goldring/Woldenberg Hall I, Suite 200, provides student support services related to the Freeman School's Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) program. The office manages BSM admission, registration, student counseling and advising, student records, monitoring of academic performance, student organization advising, and certification for graduation. Additionally, the office provides academic services for students minoring in business.

The Office of Graduate Programs, located in Goldring/Woldenberg Hall II, Suite 4113, provides student support and services for Master of Business Administration (MBA), Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA), Master of Accounting (MACCT), Master of Finance (MFIN), Master of Management in Energy (MNRG), and various joint-degree programs. The Stewart Center for Executive Education, also located in Goldring/Woldenberg Hall II, Suite 4113, manages all Executive MBA (EMBA) programs with administrative staff in New Orleans and in Houston.

Undergraduate Education Team Members:

Michael H. Hogg, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education. He is also on the faculty of the Freeman School and the area coordinator for Legal Studies in Business. In his capacity as Associate Dean, he monitors the quality of the Freeman undergraduate experience, oversees the Office of Undergraduate Education and reviews the student's academic progress.
Phone: (504) 862-8495

Amy Macneill, Director of Undergraduate Education.  She oversees the daily operations of the Office of Undergraduate Education and the Management Communications Center. Ms. Macneill is responsible for BSM program advising for all undergraduate Freeman School students.  The director coordinates all student orientations and ensures that the students are informed about events, important dates, policies, and procedures.  Ms. Macneill's office is located in GWI, suite 200.
Phone: (504) 314-2478

Lauren Gavioli is the assistant director of undergraduate education. She assists in overseeing the daily operations of the Office of Undergraduate Education. Ms. Gavioli serves as the advisor for all undergraduate Freeman School student organizations. Her office is located in GWI, Suite 200.
Phone: (504) 865-5457

Santha Rathnam is the Senior Executive Secretary to the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education.  Her office located in GWI, Suite 200.
Phone:  (504) 314-2496

Tamar Starck, Kate Levitov-Baxter, and Melanie Lee are the BSM academic coordinators. The coordinators are responsible for advising students on the Freeman major degree requirements and work in conjunction with the academic advisors at the Newcomb-Tulane College Academic Advising Center to ensure that students meet their graduation requirements. The coordinators' offices are located in GWI, suite 200. To make an appointment with your BSM academic coordinator please visit the Freeman website at:


Students whose last names begin with the letters A-G are advised by:
Kate Levitov-Baxter(Email)

Students whose last names begin with the letters H-O and international students are advised by:
Melanie Lee (Email)

Students whose last names begin with the letters letters P-Z are advised by:
Tamar Starck (Email)

Julie Gomez,Executive Secretary for the Office of Undergraduate Education. Ms. Gomez provides administrative support in addition to overseeing all classroom and break-out room reservations. Ms Gomez is located in GWI, suite 200.
Phone (504) 865-5322
E-Mail: Email

Phylicia Richardson is the Project Assistant for the Office of Undergraduate Education. Ms. Richardson provides administrative support in addition to overseeing Freeman School special accommodation testing. Ms. Richardson is located in GWI, suite 200.
Phone: (504) 862-8377
E-Mail: Email

Graduate Programs Team Members:

John Clarke, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, monitors the quality of the Freeman School's graduate programs, ensuring their continuous improvement, and facilitating the coordination of the faculty who teach in the various graduate programs and the staff who support the programs.
Phone: (504) 865-5661
E-Mail: Email

Tonya Durden, Executive Secretary -- coordinates various activities in the front office, including room reservations, and assists the program directors and associate dean as needed. She works closely with the graduate programs staff to help ensure the highest-quality program delivery.
Phone: (504) 865-5463
E-Mail: Email

Stephen Estrada, Director of Professional Education and Global Business Curriculum-- works closely with all MMG and PMBA students to help them fulfill the requirements for their respective degrees. He provides academic advising and program delivery, and acts as liaison between students, faculty, and committee members to address special situations and student concerns.  In addition, he directs periodic curricula reviews and facilitates instructional development for the courses associated with the MBA Global Leadership Module. Mr. Estrada is the first point of contact for all MMG and PMBA questions and problem resolutions.
Phone: (504) 865-5402
E-Mail: Email

John Silbernagel, Director of Graduate Education -- serves as academic advisor to the graduate students in the full-time MBA program and administrative advisor to the MACCT program, and he coordinates the activities of Freeman School graduate student organizations. He works with the faculty and deans to address student concerns and needs and directs grievances and special requests to appropriate individuals and committees. 
Phone: (504) 865-5480
E-Mail: Email

Clay Randolph, Director of the Master of Finance Program, oversees administration of the MFIN program, including external visibility, academic advising, and internal operations. He collaborates with Freeman School faculty and staff to plan, implement, and evaluate marketing strategies for the MFIN program, assist in the development of a relevant curriculum including benchmarking with other programs, assist the School's admissions staff in establishing admissions standards and student profiles, and work with the Career Management Center to identify and develop placement opportunities.                                                                                                                             Phone: (504) 865-5343                                                                                                               E-Mail: Email

Laney Armstrong, Graduate Programs Manager -- serves as academic advisor to assist MME students in program planning and course selection. She also oversees the daily operations of the Graduate Programs office including the planning and implementation of all logistics for the Global Leadership Program's international trips. She works closely with students, faculty, and staff to provide academic support and coordinates orientation activities. In addition, she manages course scheduling and commencement activities, and serves on several school committees to ensure consistent delivery of excellence for all graduate programs.      
Phone: (504) 314-2454
E-Mail: Email

Executive Programs Team Members:

Mauricio Gonzalez, PhD
Interim Assistant Dean, Executive Education
(713) 586-6400

New Orleans Campus

Caryn D. Lang
Associate Director, Executive Education
(504) 865-5478

Carol Spansel
Associate Director, Executive Education
(504) 862-8066

Pamela Phillips
Executive Secretary
(504) 865-5481

Houston Campus

Jim Rahe
Director, Corporate Recruiting, Houston Programs
(713) 586-6405

Debra Nowak
Assistant Director, Operations and Admissions, Houston Programs
(713) 586-6411

Magda Craige
Program Coordinator, Houston Programs
(713) 586-6400

Kimberly Woods
Project Assistant, Houston Programs
(713) 586-6400

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