Energy Specialization

Energy Specialization

With the approval of the Energy Institute Faculty Committee and the BSM Curriculum Committee, a student in the Bachelor of Science in Management program may receive an Energy Specialization by completing at least nine semester credit hours of energy-related coursework. In addition to satisfying the course requirements, each student who receives the Energy Specialization must be approved by faculty affiliated with the Tulane Energy Institute. The Tulane Energy Institute Faculty Committee must review and approve any waivers or deviations from these requirements.

A total of nine (9) semester credit hours of approved coursework is required for the Energy Specialization.

Required for the BSM Energy Specialization:

ENRG 4100 Energy Markets, Economics, and Policy


ENRG 4110 Energy Financial Modeling


ENRG 4200 Energy Fundamentals and Trading

Additional courses that students may take to complete the BSM Energy Specialization include:

ENRG 4300 Advanced Financial Trading

ENRG 4410 Energy and Environmental Economics

ENRG 4610 Energy Trading: Electric Power Markets (formerly ENRG 4930)

ENRG 4710 Energy Portfolio Management

ENRG 4730 Energy Investment Banking

FINE 4160 Equity Analysis/Burkenroad Reports*
FINE 4160 may be used in the Energy Specialization; however, the student is also required to serve as a financial analyst for an energy company in the Burkenroad Reports portfolio of companies. Burkenroad Reports cover approximately 25 small- to mid-cap energy companies.

FINE 4610 Darwin Fenner Student Managed Fund*
FINE 4610 may be used in the Energy Specialization; however, the student must focus on the energy sector. Participation in this course is by invitation only by the finance faculty and is based on academic performance.

A student may take ENRG 4100, 4110, or 4200 to count towards the additional courses required to reach nine (9) credits for the Energy Specialization.

Application forms may be found at Students should submit any requests for waivers or deviations from these requirements in writing, addressed to "Energy Institute Faculty," c/o The Tulane Energy Institute, Mezzanine Level, Goldring/Woldenberg Hall II.

*These courses can also count as Finance electives.


Freeman energy alumni have pursued successful careers in a variety of different companies. Some jobs accepted by energy major graduates include:

Energy Analyst: ExxonMobil, Callon Petroleum, TXU, Direct Energy, Goldman Sachs, Entergy and  Simmons & Co.

Energy Trading: Citigroup, JP Morgan, ConocoPhillips, BP Trading, Sequent Energy, Trans-World Marketing, Plains All American, Tricon Energy, Receivables Exchange and Ameren Energy.

Financial Analyst: JP Morgan Chase, Shell, Morgan Stanley, Conoco Phillips, Capital One, Credit Suisse, Portfolio Evaluation, Inc., BP Trading, Chaffe & Associates and Fact Set.

Investment Banking Energy Analyst: Friedman Billings Ramsey,Tudor Pickering and Holt, Raymond James and Johnson & Rice. 

Equity Trading:  Tricon Energy, Natixis Bleichroeder and Global Hunter. 


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