Joint Bachelor of Science in Management/Master of Accounting (BSM-MACCT) Program

In order to allow our students to enter the accounting profession upon graduation, the A. B. Freeman School of Business has developed a Joint BSM-MACCT program.

Joint BSM-MACCT student must complete a minimum of 122 hours of undergraduate coursework, including all requirements for the BSM degree and all prerequisites for the MACCT program. Because students will take the majority of the accounting curriculum at the graduate level, BSM students are strongly discouraged from majoring in accounting. BSM students must choose an undergraduate major in the Freeman School and complete the requirements for that major. The majority of Joint BSM-MACCT students choose an undergraduate major in Finance. The MACCT portion of the program is 30 hours of graduate course work over and above the BSM requirements. The Joint BSM-MACCT program is usually completed in five years.

Each student's program is tailor made by the accounting faculty to meet the education requirements of the state(s) in which the student plans to begin his/her career upon completion of the program.  In the last four semesters the student is taking both graduate and undergraduate courses. At the end of five years, the student receives two degrees: a BSM in the major of their choice (other than accounting) and a MACCT degree.

During the second to last spring semester, between approximately January 1 and April 15, students can obtain a full-time Busy Season Internship (BSI) with a major CPA firm in the city and state where they plan to live and work upon completion of the program. The students receive the same training, do the same work and receive approximately the same pay as the firm's full-time new hires, working 50-70 hours per week. In addition, the student receives 3 hours of credit for the BSI after completing other related academic requirements. It is a fantastic learning experience which normally leads to a full-time job offer from the CPA firm to commence at graduation. The CPA firms hire well over half of their new employees through this and similar internship programs. Upon completion of the BSI, the student returns to Tulane and takes 9 hours of intensive graduate accounting courses between April 16th and May 25th. The BSM-MACCT Program can be done with or without a Busy Season Internship.

Beta Alpha Psi
This honorary national accounting fraternity seeks to promote continuous self-improvement, to foster high moral and ethical standards, to encourage and recognize scholastic and professional excellence, to cultivate a sense of responsibility and service, to promote the collegiate study of accounting, and to provide an opportunity for association between members and practicing accountants. Membership, by invitation only, is based on scholarship and professional attributes.


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