Program Description

With the permission of the Dean of Newcomb-Tulane College and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in the A. B. Freeman School of Business, undergraduate students pursuing the BSM degree may apply for admission to Tulane Law School during the junior year.

The 3-3 program does require advance planning and it is important that the student work closely with a Freeman School academic coordinator to ensure that by the end of the junior year, the student has completed a minimum of 93 credit hours towards the BSM degree as follows: all Newcomb-Tulane core curriculum, all required non-business courses, all business core requirements, all major requirements, and other electives necessary to meet the 93 credit hour minimum.

The Freeman School will waive 29 credit hours of BSM coursework as follows: first, from a student's free electives and second, with the approval of the associate dean, from a student's required business electives. If admitted to the Tulane Law School, students enroll as full-time law students during what would otherwise be the senior year. At the successful conclusion of the first year of law school, the 29 credits earned towards the JD degree will also be accepted as credit towards the BSM degree, and the BSM degree will be awarded. This program enables students to receive the BSM degree and the JD in six years.

Students wishing to apply to Tulane Law School under the 3-3 Program should take the LSAT during the summer between the sophomore and junior years, or during the fall semester of the junior year. Application to Tulane Law School should be made between October 1st and January 1st of the junior year.



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