A.B. Freeman School of Business Service Learning Classes

LGST 3890 - Legal Studies Service Learning Option

Instructor: Sanda Groome
Community Partner: Court Watch NOLA (www.courtwatchnola.org)
Course Description: Freeman students may elect to fulfill their upper-level Newcomb-Tulane public service requirement through this learning option that functions as an added component to the foregoing legal studies courses. This added one-hour component supplements the legal studies curriculum and gives students the opportunity to become familiar with courtroom procedure while acquiring research, investigation and analytical skills through courtroom observation and data collection. Students are required to fulfill 20-40 hours of public service and will engage in reflective learning through journal exercises and class presentations.
Co-requisites: Junior standing; must be enrolled in LGST 3010, LGST 4100, LGST 4110, LGST 4140, LGST 4150 or LGST 4210


MGMT 4130-01- Dimensions in Human Resource Management

Instructor:  Ambika Prasad
Course Description:  MGMT 4130 introduces the major strategies and procedures for effectively managing human resources. Through readings, cases, and a series of experiential exercises, students learn about the legal environment of human resource management, analyzing jobs and work, staffing, performance management, training, compensation, and workplace safety.
Co-requisites: MATH 1140, PSYC 1000; Junior standing


MGMT 4160 - Leadership

Instructor: Christopher McCusker
Community Partner: Second Harvest Food Bank www.no-hunger.org), St. Bernard Project, and Idea Village (www.ideavillage.org).
Course Description: This course studies leadership and leadership development. At the center of the course is a service learning project that is done in collaboration with the Center for Public Service. Each student will lead a team in doing a service project in the community. Students are responsible for defining the mission, recruiting and motivating a team, formulating and executing a plan, and assessing the results of their efforts. In tandem with the service projects, we will focus our class meetings on various aspects of leadership. Theories and practical advice about leadership will be analyzed. In addition, students will take several leadership assessments and receive feedback about their leadership styles. Students should leave the course with a greater understanding of challenges of leadership, knowledge about research on leadership, practical experience doing leadership, and an increased awareness of their own leadership styles
Co-requisites: MGMT 3010; junior standing or above


MGMT 4890 - Management of Technology and Innovation Service Learning

Instructor: Mike Wilson
Course Description:Technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship are among the most frequently used terms in today's business environment. We are bombarded by products and technologies that are changing the ways we live and work, but how do we analyze the processes bring them to market? In this service learning course with MGMT 4180, a correlation between course theory and application will become apparent from the experiences from each student's activity
Co-requisites: MGMT 4180

TIDB1010 - More Than Just Business I

Instructor: Various
Community Partners:
Course Description:TIDB 1010 introduces students to the business world by critically examining the art of management. The course focuses on the question: why do people work together and how? The objective of TIDB 1010 is to introduce students to basic business concepts, to develop a plan for their field of study, as well as to have fun in the process.
Co-requisites: Freshmen only



TIDB1020-Law and Order

Instructor:  Various
Community Partners:
Course Description:
In Henry VI, Shakespeare wrote, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers;" however, "all the lawyers" have avoided being killed since that line was written. Why? From the largest corporate mergers to simple adoptions, and from public policy to the enactment of criminal laws, the need for lawyers is increasing because the law is a central part of our daily lives and the bedrock of a free society. Although the press might occasionally indicate otherwise, lawyers are members of a profession and they get respect, but is being a lawyer really like the popular portrayals on television shows such as Law and Order or in a John Grisham novel? This class will help you explore how one becomes a lawyer and what it is like to be a lawyer
Co-requisites: Freshmen only



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