Business Minor Summer Institute
One summer in New Orleans is a wise investment in anyone's future.

Earn your business minor this summer and gain the business skills necessary for a successful professional future. Diversify your academic portfolio and open doors for employment opportunities and internships. Build valuable relationships with distinguished business professors and industry professionals. Receive individual career advice.

This is your future. Start investing in it today. Enroll in the Business Minor Summer Institute at Tulane's A. B. Freeman School of Business.


Dates and Courses

May 12-June 14
ACCN 2010 Financial Accounting

This BSM prerequisite introduces concepts, techniques, and conventions for measuring and communicating the results of operations, the financial position and cash flows of a business enterprise. It emphasizes the development and the use of financial information reported to the public.

INFO 1010 Intro to Business Computing

The goal of INFO 1010 is to ensure that all business minors have the computing skills necessary to support subsequent courses in their college career and to prepare students for internships in the business world. The course focuses on learning to use the Microsoft Excel application programs needed to ultimately pass the Microsoft Office certification test for Excel. The certification tests are given as part of the coursework. Students who arrive on campus with the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Certification for Excel 2010 may waive this course requirement; please consult with the course instructor to apply for a waiver.

MCOM 3010 Management Communications

Emphasizing a problem-solution approach, MCOM 3010 teaches students to produce professional written documents and oral presentations; to analyze various communication purposes, strategies, and audiences; and to work effectively in teams.

MGMT 3010 Organization Behavior

MGMT 3010 applies concepts from psychology and social psychology to organizational problems that managers face. Topics such as organizational climate, leadership, communication, attitudes, motivation, group dynamics, and organizational change are covered in a lecture, discussion, and problem-solving framework.

CDN 1010 Career Development for non-business majors

This course is designed to assist students with career exploration and to prepare them to be competitive candidates during the internship and job search process. This course, facilitated by the Freeman School Career Management Center, covers the following topics: career planning, resume building, interview skills, and the power of networking.
*Session I Final Exams will be held Friday & Saturday, June 13-14
June 23-July 25
ACCN 3010 Managerial Accounting
ACCN 3010 emphasizes the role of accounting information in management decision-making for profit-seeking organizations. It develops the importance of information to decision-relevance through the study of traditional cost accounting, managerial economics, operations research, and the behavioral sciences.
LGST 3010 Legal, Ethical, Regulatory Environment of Business

LGST 3010 examines ethical and legal issues that affect business decision-making. The course covers ethical decision making, including the concepts of professionalism, integrity-based management, compliance-based management, and corporate social responsibility. The course then focuses on the ethical and legal issues associated with the legal system, the litigation process, alternative dispute resolution techniques, business torts based on negligence, intent, and strict liability.

MGMT 4140 Entrepreneurial Management

The primary objective of MGMT 4140 is to teach students to apply the skills taught in Session I toward the goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Working in teams, students learn to plan, finance, launch, manage, and harvest a new venture. The course concludes with group presentations to the class.

*Session II Finals will be held Thursday & Friday, July 24-25
The Business Minor Summer Institute takes place on Tulane's uptown campus in Goldring-Woldenberg Halls I & II. Classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., with an hour-and-a-half lunch break starting at noon. Both summer sessions are required.
The university is closed for Memorial Day on Monday, May 26. Students will receive advanced warning by any professor who needs to reschedule or make up class time.


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Why enroll in the Business Minor Summer Institute?

Why not? If you are interested in gaining high quality, fundamental business knowledge that will help you land your dream job, this program is for you. Students in the program complete 21 academic credits in one summer and are guaranteed access to popular business school courses and avoid wait lists. If you have ever wanted to spend the summer in New Orleans this is your chance to do just that, and make it worthwhile. Start investing today. Enroll in the Business Minor Summer Institute at Tulane University's A. B. Freeman School of Business.

Student Voices...

Brian Broom-Peltz, a junior Chemical Engineering major, was one of the program's inaugural students. As a result of his skill in Microsoft Excel, and taking INFO 1010, Brian was selected to represent the United States in the Microsoft Office Specialist Worldwide Competition in the 2010 Excel category. In August 2011, Brian placed 7th overall against competitors from more than 50 countries; and, he was chosen from a group of more than 72,000 students who competed leading up to the world championships. Brian mentions of his experience in the Business Minor Summer Institute:

"My mind is a house. The spring semester before the summer business minor program felt like I was adding a pool, tennis court, and replacing the roof of my mental mansion. After I participated in the first summer minor program at Tulane University, I felt as if I had added new furniture and painted the walls of a room I have always been looking to polish up: my office.

The sincerity, competence, and coordination of the professors and directors makes this business boot camp more than worth the investment. I ended the summer with an excellent foundation in the essentials of business planning, communication, and management that I have the rest of my professional career to hone and perfect.

I would highly recommend the summer business minor to any student considering adding a practical minor to their CV and who is willing to put in the work to earn that achievement."
-Brian Broom-Peltz, class of 2013.

Annie Diebold, a Science and Engineering graduate of 2010, earned a major in Cell and Molecular Biology and a minor in Business from Tulane University. She was offered a job as a Research Associate with the LSU Health Sciences Center, a job that is not typically offered to new college graduates, because of her minor in business.

"Since I didn't have much room in my schedule, my business minor was a great option to help me diversify my studies. It allowed me the opportunity to get some experience on the business end of things, and ultimately gave me the one up I needed to get my job." -Annie Diebold, 2010

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