International Student Services

One of the most effective routes to English proficiency is constant practice. Although some of your fellow students may share a first language with you (other than English), we highly recommend you converse solely in English. If you do not know the right word in English, suggest you look it up in one of the Oxford English Dictionary's language dictionaries, which typically include example sentences. If your conversation partner does not know the word either, use English to explain what the word means. This practice will strengthen your grasp of English and increase your vocabulary.

Because much of English relies on using idioms properly, and idioms are by their nature unpredictable, we recommend you read high-quality samples of written American English. One newspaper that consistently has high-quality writing is the New York Times, available online at A limited number of paper copies is also available on the first floor of the Lavin-Bernick Center.


Writing Instruction

The A.B. Freeman Business Writing Center encourages Freeman's international students to take advantage of our tutoring services to review and revise written assignments. We recommend you plan far enough in advance so you can use what you learned during your appointment to self-edit your assignment. Because we try to give all students an equal opportunity to meet with a writing instructor, you may only make one appointment per assignment. Following your Writing Center appointment, you should use your notes and the Writing Instructor's comments to carefully self-edit your paper.

Tulane University provides university-wide tutoring support through the Tulane Academic Success Center. Please visit the TASC website for further details:


General Support

Tulane's Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) provides a wealth of information about your academic studies in the United States. The OISS also recommends ESL programs here at Tulane, such as the English for Academic and Professional Purposes, which you can enroll in here:


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