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Student Organizations, Officers, and Advisors


Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi)

Alpha Kappa Psi, the world's oldest and largest professional business fraternity, seeks to develop well-trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful, and experienced business leaders. Open to men and women majoring in business, AKPsi provides a unique blend of professional, service, and social events.
President: Ben Abramowitz
Executive Vice President: Jalin Carter
VP Finance: Jeremy Goh
Secretary: Adar Livni
Membership: Cory Cacamo and Alissa Sage
Pledge Instruction:
Kelly Aucoin
Professional Chairs: Ethyn Samuels and Ricky Pollock
Corporate Sponsorship: Garrett Langfeld
Community Service: Alixe Conn and Megan Bogner
External Relations: Katy Scruggsand Brandon Ocheltree
Fundraising: Jorie Fox and Melissa Benenson
Alumni Relations: Matthew Solnick
Brotherhood Chairs: Eddie Brucculeriand Jeanette Straeter
Staff Advisor: Lauren Gavioli

American Marketing Association (AMA)

Open to all students, Tulane's collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association presents members with the opportunity to learn from real-world marketing professionals. Members attend monthly meetings featuring exciting guest speakers, participate in fun hands-on marketing activities, and learn how to network with top-level marketing executives. The AMA offers a great supplement to Tulane's classroom experience and provides its members with the competitive advantage necessary to succeed in today's marketing field.
President: Marco Serino
VP of Membership and Communications: Sarah LaCroix
VP of  Corporate Relations: Emily Golden
VP of Brand Promotions: Brett Shenkel
VP of Programming: Vallerie Pillari
VP of Social Media: Olivia Karten
VP of Design: Evan Corrigan
VP of University Relations: Michael Seiden
Student Advisor: Jessica Holtzman
Faculty Advisor: Harish Sujan

Beta Alpha Psi
This honorary national accounting fraternity seeks to promote continuous self-improvement, to foster high moral and ethical standards, to encourage and recognize scholastic and professional excellence, to cultivate a sense of responsibility and service, to promote the collegiate study of accounting, and to provide an opportunity for association between members and practicing accountants. Membership, by invitation only, is based on scholarship and professional attributes.
President: Anne Cheatham
Vice President: John Rose
Secretary: Stacy Landau
Treasurer: Alissa Sage
Controller: Jacob Berkelhamer
Faculty Advisor: Karen Foust
Staff Advisor: Lauren Gavioli

Beta Gamma Sigma
The purpose of this honorary business scholastic fraternity is to reward scholarship and accomplishment in all phases of business, to promote the advancement of education in the science of business, and to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practices. High scholarship and promise of marked ability are the prime requisites for membership nominations. Induction ceremonies are held during the fall and spring semesters.
President: John Silbernagel
Faculty Advisor: James McFarland

Business and Law Society
The Tulane Business and Law Society is the Freeman School's pre-law student organization. The club provides a forum for discussion on topics ranging from legal and ethical issues in business to life as a law student and lawyer. Additionally, it provides information on and assistance with the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
Faculty Advisor: Sanda Groome

Freeman Consulting Group (FCG)
Through the support of the Tulane Association of Business Alumni (TABA) and the Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship, the Freeman Consulting Group (FCG) provides business consulting to local organizations on a non-fee basis. Clients are presented with workable solutions and FCG members gain valuable consulting experience.
President: Kyle Cranfill
Faculty Advisor:
Sherif Ebrahim
Staff Advisor: Rosalind Butler

Freeman Golf Club
The purpose of the Freeman Golf Club is to provide a networking platform to connect graduate-level Freeman students with faculty, alumni, and local business leaders. Members do not need any golfing experience and are encouraged to participate in group events that will include golf outings, golf practice sessions, and social events.
President: Elliott Edwards    
Faculty Advisor: Frank Jaster  
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel

Freeman Student Government (FSG)
The FSG is the formal organization of students enrolled in the BSM program. All BSM students are automatically members of FSG. The FSG influences many of the curricular and extracurricular activities of the School. Students play a role in modifying the curriculum, in evaluating courses, in hearings of academic integrity, in planning academically related activities, in selecting faculty for special honors, and in organizing a schedule of social events. BSM students are encouraged to take a leadership role in FSG and to support the activities sponsored by FSG.
President: Andrew Duplessie 
Executive Vice President: Sydney Berger
Vice President of Finance: Andrew Valentini
Vice President of Operations: Gabby Rigol
Senior Class Representatives: Chelsea McKayand Jonothan O'Brien
Junior Class Representatives: Daniel Hickey and Scott McCrery
Sophomore Class Representatives: Stephen Duplessie and Avijita Panwar
Freshmen Class Representative elections and interviews will be held September 8-12, 2014.
Staff Advisor: Lauren Gavioli

Global Brigades
Global Brigades is the world's largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. The organization has mobilized tens of thousands of students and professionals, through skill-based programs that work in partnership with community members, to improve quality of life in under resourced regions while respecting local culture. The Tulane chapter focuses on microfinance initiatives and developments in developing countries. Each year, the chapter plans a trip to Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, or Ghana to share members' knowledge and expertise with local entrepreneurs by delivering financial literacy workshops. Further, members work with indigenous villages to develop community banks and set up savings and credit systems.

Graduate Business Council (GBC)
GBC, of which all graduate business students are members, serves the academic, professional, and personal interests of its membership.The group facilitates interaction and communication among the student body, the administration, the faculty, and the Tulane community. GBC accomplishes its mission by marketing its students, developing a productive learning environment, and providing mentoring and relationship-building opportunities. GBC also serves as the "umbrella" organization to other graduate business organizations. Questions or concerns may be directed to the GBC. 
President: David Dowty
VP Administration:
Allison May 
VP Academic Affairs: Cameron Berthelsen  
VP International Affairs: Kyle Cranfill
VP Finance: open
VP Student Affairs: Matt Guidry 
VP Career Development and Alumni Affairs: Tolga Erman
Admissions Representative: Anna Labadie
GAPSA Senators: open 

Master of Accounting Representative: open
Master of Finance Representative: open
Master of Management in Energy Representative: open
PMBA Representative: Emily Ockerlund
Staff Advisor:
John Silbernagel

Green Bull Investment Group
The Green Bull Investment Group (GBIG), which in the summer of 2014 merged with the Freeman Investment Management Association (FIMA), provides its members with essential real-world skills and strategies through active investing, researching financial markets, and presenting potential investment opportunities for the club's mock equity portfolio of $25,000,000. The fund's goal is to outperform the S&P 500 index consistently throughout the fund's existence. The fund strives to mitigate risk and capture at least 70% of the market upside while capturing at most 30% of market downside. Club members participate in professional preparation events to gain practical experience and a broad exposure to the finance industry.
President: Jaypreet Chadha
Vice President: Chris Esemplare
Treasurer: Danny St. Louis
Faculty Advisors: Christina Zhang and Peter Ricchiuti
Staff Advisor: Lauren Gavioli

Professional MBA Student Advisory Group
This group, under the umbrella of the Graduate Business Council (GBC), serves the academic, professional, and social needs of the part-time, evening MBA students.
President: Emily Ockerlund
Staff Advisor: Stephen Estrada

Toastmasters International
Toastmasters is a national organization devoted to developing the speaking skills of its members. Students who participate in Toastmasters gain confidence and learn techniques that prove invaluable in classroom presentations as well as in future business situations.
President: Annelise Broussard
VP-Education: Federico Escobar
VP-Public Relations: Molly Jubas
VP-Membership: Pawan Saxena
Treasurer: Cameron Berthelsen
Faculty Advisor: Peter Ricchiuti

Tulane Algorithmic Trading Club

The Tulane Algorithmic Trading Club addresses the technological challenges in today's markets by supporting research, facilitating discussions, and hosting the hands-on development of computerized trading programs. Open to all students, members will gain real-world skills through writing and developing their own trading algorithms while learning from the wisdom and experience of their peers and faculty advisors. Algorithms are tested against the markets and against other members in real-time using industry-standard platforms.
Contact: Jon Cukierwar
Faculty Advisor: Geoff Parker
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel

Tulane Black MBA Association

The purpose of the Tulane Black MBA Association is to facilitate awareness and learning of issues affecting minorities in business and academia. This group sponsors lectures and community service programs and offers opportunities in career development. Membership is open to all graduate and undergraduate students.
Contact: Jarrett Lemieux
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel

Tulane Collegiate DECA
Collegiate DECA is a student driven organization that values competence, innovation, integrity, and teamwork. Tulane's Collegiate DECA chapter prepares students for careers in business-oriented fields by integrating skills learned in the classroom into real world experiences. Members experience programs that assist in developing academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders. Open to all students, DECA offers students an array of unique opportunities; conferences and other activities give students direct access to internships, scholarships, competition, and professional networking.
President: Ben Ginsburg
Executive Vice President: Melissa Benenson
Vice President of Marketing: Melissa Benenson
Vice President of Events and Fundraising: Talia Geschwind
Vice President of Communication: Jared Tromer
Vice President of Finance: Sam Ingalls 
Faculty Advisor: Michael T. Yest
Staff Advisor: Lauren Gavioli

Tulane Endowment Fund Proxy Voting Committee (PVC)

The PVC is responsible for voting the proxies of all shares of stock directly held by Tulane University's Darwin Fenner Funds. The goal is profit maximization while also weighing the social and environmental impact of the votes. The PVC has full discretion to vote the proxies unless otherwise directed by Tulane's Investment Office.
President: Arpit Bhopalkar  
VP-Communications: Min Zhang
VP & Social Chair: Katy Turnbull
VP & General Counsel: Deepanshu Sharma  
Faculty Advisor: Michael Yest

Tulane Energy Club (TEC)
The purpose of Tulane Energy Club is to educate and inspire students interested in pursuing a career in the energy industry. In pursuit of this goal, TEC coordinates a variety of activities for its members, including a distinguished speaker series, field trips, networking socials, and an energy trading competition. By enhancing students' knowledge of the energy industry and helping them develop the relationships that are vital to success, TEC also advances the post-graduate opportunities of its members.
President: Matt Guidry
VP-Academics & Finance: Jerry DiColo  
VP-Education: Shyamal Mandirwala  
VP-Student Affairs: Tolga Erman 
Faculty Advisor: Eric Smith
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel

Tulane Entrepreneurs Association (TEA)
The mission of the Tulane Entrepreneurs Association is to assist members in expanding their entrepreneurial skill base. TEA sponsors lectures, workshops, and social networking events, and provides student entrepreneurs with assistance in organizing their own ventures. TEA coordinates student teams that create business plans for entry into business plan competitions, and sponsors the Tulane Business Model Competition. TEA is open to all Tulane students.
President: Billy Utt
Vice President of Operations and Director, Business Model Competition: Nicholaus "Nick" Leverett
Vice President of Finance: Sarah Robertson 
Vice President of Marketing: Katy Turnbull
Vice President of External Affairs: Annie Daskovsky
Faculty Advisor: Sherif Ebrahim
Staff Advisor: Lina Alfieri-Stern

Tulane Graduate Women in Business
Tulane Graduate Women in Business is dedicated to fostering a community that encourages the success of women by enabling them to have meaningful careers and to promote equality in the workplace. The purpose of the organization is to offer professional resources to aid member career development and job prospects; to foster a forum for collaboration for Freeman graduate students; to organize networking events with alumni, professional women, entrepreneurs, and professors; to provide support through mentoring opportunities; and to raise awareness through community and internal outreach.
President: Sophia Brown
Nina Krek  
VP-Finance: Malory Weir
VP-Programming: Katy Turnbull
VP-Student Affairs:
Sarah Robertson  
Faculty Advisor:  open
Staff Advisor: Peggy Babin

Tulane Real Estate Club

The mission of the Tulane Real Estate Club is to bring together Freeman students with previous experience or future interests in real estate. To fulfill this mission, the club invites members of the New Orleans real estate community to guest lecture and network among club members. The club discusses issues in the real estate industry through regular meetings and members participate in various local and national real estate competitions.
President: Nicholaus Leverett 
Faculty Advisor: open 
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel

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